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Red Kratom Lovers Choose These 5 Strains

Jemi Fischbach

By far, one of the most preferred strain colors of Kratom enthusiasts around the world is red. Red Kratom is a reliable strain that researchers can trust will give them the experience they seek. While there are many other strains and variations of Kratom, the red types also tend to be the most widely available. For those who still are learning about Kratom and the various strains, it helps to know the most favored strains, and what makes them so great, before deciding on a product to purchase.

Kratom’s Traditional Origins

The Kratom plant has been in use for centuries. While Western countries have gained more of an interest in the past decade or so, many indigenous populations throughout Southeast Asia have been aware and making use of the plant’s benefits for a long time. Traditionally, the plant was used in their medicinal practices as a pain reliever and de-stressor. The plant was prepared into a tea, or the leaves were chewed on to reap the benefits. These communities are also home to the many farmers that work hard to harvest the various Kratom strains for suppliers in the USA.

The crops are grown wildly in the rainforest, in addition to small family-run backyard farms. At their discretion, the farmer will pick the leaves from the tree at specific intervals, so that they can tailor the final product. As these crops are located in Southeast Asia’s jungles, where the soil is acidic and nutrient-dense and are strategically harvested, they continue to thrive year after year.

Cultivating Sustainably

Sustainable Kratom cultivation is the key to the future growth and health of the crops. Unlike industrial size plantations like oil palm and timber, whose harvesting methods involve wiping out the entire rainforest areas, Kratom is less invasive. These farms only take what is needed, so the rest of the plant can continue to grow. Not to mention, none of the surrounding wildlife habitat or forest is wiped out in the process. Many of these industrial farms will also set up processing plants that contaminate the groundwater supply and drive them into poverty.

Kratom suppliers working with the farms in Southeast Asia to build ethical and sustainable farms are helping the communities prosper now and in the future. Some Kratom suppliers run shady businesses and do not adequately compensate their farmers. These Kratom suppliers should be avoided as they are ruining Kratom’s reputation and why counterfeit, unsafe products are distributed around the world.

The Changing Color Of The Leaf’s Vein

The mitragyna speciosa (Kratom) tree is famous for its large leaves, containing the two active alkaloids 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. These two alkaloids are what give Kratom its unique effects. Throughout the plant’s growth period, the leaves are continuously changing in chemical structure, and the concentrations of these two alkaloids are fluctuating. At the same time, the veins on the outside of the leaf are changing color.

The first color that the leaves change to is a bright white. This color is used to create the various white strains that are available. Following this, they change from green, and the final color is a dark red. The dark red veins signify leaves that are the most mature. When growers are creating red Kratom products, they will wait until the leaves reach this color before they pick from the tree. They will either let the other leaves grow until they reach red or pick and use them for Kratom’s other white and green strains.

When you purchase red Kratom, the powder should be a soft light green color (despite the name) as the color only refers to the vein color, not the final product. It should also smell like fresh vegetation.

Five Of The Most Popular Red Kratom Strains

The five most popular red Kratom strains are as follows:

Red Maeng Da is one of the most sought-after Kratom strains around the world. It originates from Thailand, and it is known for its uplifting effects, but as it is one of the more potent strains, only try after you have worked your way through the other strains.

Red Indo Kratom comes from Indonesia and tends to have a higher concentration of the alkaloid mitragynine.

Red Bali Kratom, from the Indonesia island province of Bali, is an excellent strain for transitioning to the more intense red strains like Red Maeng Da.

Red Sumatra Kratom is popular among self-care circles looking to achieve a positive mental outlook.

If you are curious about any of the above strains, you should contact a reputable dealer today. While many businesses offer counterfeit products, by staying loyal to a trustworthy supplier, you prevent yourself from buying unsafe Kratom.

The more Kratom customers and researchers prioritize safe and pure products when buying, the more likely that Kratom will be seen as a potentially therapeutic substance in the eyes of regulatory agencies around the world.

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