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What Are The Advantages of Growing Kratom at Home?

Jemi Fischbach

It’s no wonder that the public is thirsting for information about Kratom, because it’s only increasing in popularity. Farming Kratom isn’t very simple, it grows on a tree native to Southeast Asia, and also needs very specific conditions to survive and thrive. There are so many questions that go along with farming Kratom and include, what tools are needed to farm it? Is specific light or soil necessary? Is growing it in the United States legal? There are many questions, but there are also many answers. Some users are considering growing their own Kratom right at home, so consider the following information to decide if that’s right for you.


As with farming anything, there are pros and cons to both purchasing it in-store or growing it yourself. The first point of consideration should be if growing is a viable option for you, ultimately, it’s a rather complicated, unique, and often expensive endeavor. But, it does often yield high-quality Kratom powder, making it a renewable source, which is exciting in our sustainability-minded and environmentally aware climate.


Is it Legal to Grow Kratom in the USA?

This is one of the most popular questions that reputable Kratom vendors are asked. Before we answer anything, we implore users to verify if it’s illegal or if it’s legally permitted to grow Kratom in your jurisdiction. Within each jurisdiction, there are certain specifications around growing Kratom. There is no one-size-fits-all answer, and the issue is incredibly complex, which means that users have to do a bit of research independently looking into state policies.


Before a consumer invests the time, money, and brainpower it costs to start growing Kratom at home, it’s really important to do research to make sure that it’s legal.


What are the Disadvantages of Growing Kratom at Home?

As we mentioned previously, though there are many benefits to growing Kratom at home, it is a very complicated process that isn’t necessarily a good choice or even viable for every user. Consider the following points against growing Kratom at home:

  • It requires many special and specific growing conditions that are distinctly different from many plants that may be growing in your home. For example, alkaloid-rich soil, as well as natural ambient light or artificial ambient light, is necessary to grow Kratom properly because it needs the tropical environment in Southeast Asia. Even if someone is able to grow Kratom successfully, it’s rare that the leaves will possess the same content of alkaloid as a Kratom tree that’s professionally grown.
  • It takes a long time to grow a Kratom tree, even taking up to three years before they’re mature and ready for the initial harvest. If you’re interested in delayed gratification, don’t mind the considerable expense, and are ready to put the effort in, the payoff can be significant.
  • Kratom trees also require a ton of space, so you need to be prepared in advance. Kratom trees grow more than 20 feet tall and can become quite massive, so they need the space to flourish.


What Are The Advantages of Growing Kratom at Home?

So far, we’ve discussed the disadvantages of growing Kratom at home. This includes the cost, the time, and the massive amount of effort that is needed to grow Kratom effectively. Kratom trees are huge, need lots of space to grow; they also need ambient lighting and a consistent temperature and humidity. That being said, there are positives to growing Kratom at home, which include:

  • When it comes to Kratom, it’s important to think about the long game. Yes, it takes a few years for the Kratom tree to mature, and the Kratom tree needs a pretty unique environment in order to flourish, but for a specific type of consumer, growing a Kratom tree at home is a good idea.
  • The biggest positive is the savings of money. Growing Kratom at home or on an extremely small-scale farm enables users to have Kratom as a renewable source. Caring for, processing, and harvesting your own Kratom is quite expensive, but it can save you cash in the long run.
  • Kratom is considered environmentally-friendly, and the addition of any green life is always a good thing. Kratom has a few agriculturally beneficial points, including helping to keep the soil enriched.
  • Growing your own Kratom enables you to know exactly what kind of chemicals were put on the Kratom while it was growing, as well as how it was processed. It enables users to have total control over the ingredients that they consume, whether it be in a powder, a tea, or simply a crushed leaf.


Secrets to Success: Tips on How to Grow Kratom

While growing and processing Kratom is expensive and can be difficult, the benefits are exponential in the long run. If you’re interested in growing Kratom, consider the following:

  • Grow your Kratom from plants rather than seeds. The process of germination can be frustrated for even the most experienced botanist; it also adds time to the harvest. By planting a cutting and placing it directly in the soil, not only will it be kept moist, but the cutting will likely take root.
  • Invest in a humidifier, because Kratom trees are very sensitive, and simulating a rainforest environment that is both humid and warm will help your tree to flourish. Especially in dry climates, this is important because the dryness can slow the growth of the tree.
  • Provide artificial light. Kratom trees need a ton of light through most of their life cycle, which means that investing in artificial lights to add to the natural lighting in your home will help the process along with a great deal. High-intensity discharge lights are especially helpful and are championed by most at-home kit growers.

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