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Bali Red Vein Kratom

Similar to the standard Bali, Bali Red Vein Kratom powder is also known as one of the more popular Kratom strains and is often used as the baseline at which all other red strains are compared. Red Bali Kratom is distinguished by its rich dark leaves and a very balanced alkaloid content. It is ground together with its veins to the consistency of powdered sugar, and according to studies and research, Bali Red Vein has some of the strongest aromas and is said to contain a very balanced spectrum of 25 different alkaloids, including mitragynine, paynanthine and speciogynine.

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Take a look at reviews of our Red Bali Kratom and place an order for this Red Vein Kratom online now. Our products are lab tested and come with a quality guarantee to ensure your satisfaction!

IMPORTANT: All of our products are regularly tested by a third party for heavy metals content (Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury), microbial safety, yeast, mold,  E. coli and Salmonella. It is important to note that all the information provided is strictly for informational purposes, and according to botanical research. While Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is recognized in many cultures, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) strictly prohibits internal use of this herb. 

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Bali Kratom


147 reviews for Bali Red Vein Kratom

  1. Espenoza

    Even though this is my favorite red strain, you can’t go wrong with any of their strains

  2. Laura

    Ive been around the block with trying different vendors, can’t complain about

  3. Jan

    Not only is this their best product, they deliver on time every time…

  4. Paul

    This is the first red I’ve ordered, and I was not disappointed!

  5. Andy

    Awesome midpoint in my opinion, best of both words in one package (:

    Thanks Sacred Kratom for the awesome quality!

  6. Jim

    Delivery was super quick, order was shipped within the hour of purchase! Bag came sealed and well packaged in a padded envelope! What more could I ask for?

  7. Christopher

    Love the aroma, its very unique and great quality. for the win!

  8. Sean

    Great medium between Green Bali and a red strain, my fav!

  9. Mary

    Pretty happy, super consistent with this company

  10. Zach (verified owner)

    Very happy to have found You guys are definitely legit! Everything the site advertises, you seem to have delivered. Super fresh, and super pure! Bali Red mixes great with Super Green Malaysian, and delivers more than enough on its own. Looking forward to my next order! Thank you Sacred Kratom!

  11. Kratom Kracker (verified owner)

    This strain was a like me mellow but had a pure aroma.

  12. VegasStrong (verified owner)

    A friend let me try, and I’m here to say that I felt a difference. I will definitely be trying several different ones to see which works best for me. So glad to find something natural!!

  13. Jodgo (verified owner)

    If you are looking for great Kratom, Bali Red Vein is the way to go.

  14. Steven (verified owner)

    Great product!! will be ordering again

  15. Curtis (verified owner)

    Very happy with product!
    Very satisfying

  16. Kayla (verified owner)

    Red Vein Bali is nice and relaxing from my own experience. I also burn Red Maeng Da and Green Malay but when it comes to my night time, I prefer to only burn this strain. I’ve loved every product I have received from Sacred Kratom thus far.

  17. j

    seriously, every time i order from SK, it ships super fast, product is beyond wonderful and prices are great! love you guys!

  18. RJB

    Bali Red Vein aroma was the perfect natural solution to many of my problems. Bali Red Vein is a serious answer to prayer.

  19. Sonya (verified owner)

    First time trying Kratom and aroma is surprisingly helpful in keeping my appetite down. I did not purchase this as a weight loss help but I will continue to buy it for this reason

  20. Sherry

    My sister has told me all about this strain. Ordered and can’t wait to try

  21. Sherry

    My sister has told me all about this strain. Ordered and can’t wait to try

  22. Hoolihan

    Fast shipping, great price, and quality product. Can’t ask for much more.

  23. Brittney (verified owner)

    Always fast shipping, and never disappointed. My husband has had 5 back surgeries due to an injury in the army. I have EDS which makes my joints dislocate or sublax constantly. This product has been an absolute life saver for us.

  24. markb1118

    I have been buying Bali Red Vein from Sacred Kratom for about a year now. I burn use once per day. This strain has always had a very pleasant calming aroma. Sacred Kratom has consistently delivered a quality product and primo service.

  25. Billyjo

    High quality very relaxing love it

  26. Che

    Definitely buying more

  27. Jay

    I have been using this aroma of Kratom for years. Kratom is literally a life-saver for me and this strain.

  28. Vicky

    Worked well!

  29. Wil (verified owner)

    I’d tried several different red options before settling on Red Thai as my “red of choice”, but after reading one solid review after another about this product and it’s more energizing aroma than others, had to give it a try. It was an extremely pleasant surprise to get all the calmness and relaxation without the drowsiness that usually accompanies most red veins. Absolutely part of the rotation now.

  30. Wayne

    Very good !

  31. Rigbyfin

    I completely lack the enzymes to metabolize opiates or NSAIDS so I have no medication options for my severe chronic pain. I ha found that aroma of Red Bali mixed with green maeng da does wonders. It is a life saver

  32. PaisleyChic

    I’ve found this aroma to be the only thing that really makes my pain vanish. I have Fibromyalgia that causes widespread aches & Sacro-Iliac low back pain. I’ve been through every OTC, opioids, Gabapentin & more. Burning the Bali Red Vein is superior to all.

  33. Lycans red

    Red Bali is 1 of my favorites

  34. Kyle (verified owner)

    First time user and loved this strain. It is more relaxing/painkilling than stimulating aroma which is perfect for winding down at night.

  35. Corey (verified owner)

    I have ordered your product before without difficulty, but now I have had an order cancel and one indefinitely pending. Please practice better customer service by providing a phone number and responding to emails. You have a great product, your customer service needs work. If you can rectify this I will be a loyal customer.

  36. Terry (verified owner)

    Decent effects

  37. Kmisty’s red Bali review

    This red Bali aroma is a great burn for pain relief and sleep. Can’t wait for my next order to arrive it’s changed my life.

  38. Kmisty

    This red Bali works wonders for pain and insomnia I love it

  39. Sabrina (verified owner)

    It took a little longer than expected to get here, but it was worth it. This red vein bali is great quality. Very pleasing aroma! Thank you!

  40. Lynn

    I love this stuff

  41. Sierra (verified owner)

    Great boost of energy, good for WD.

  42. Brad (verified owner)

    I really love this product it totally relaxes me I mainly use it in the evening, also my wife loves it Because it gives off extra lasting aroma!

  43. NormaJean

    Thank goodness for Kratom!!

  44. Cinderella


  45. Timmy

    $50.00 for red vein bali 8 oz. From whole herbs I really need this but 70 is too steep for me cause 8 oz.

  46. ambermoksha (verified owner)

    Love Bali red vein and sacred kratom’s prompt service. Thank you guys ❤️

  47. Gary (verified owner)

    Great strain – my 2 top favorite strains (Red Maeng Da is another).

    Red Bali helps me sleep like a baby and the guys at Sacred Kratom are top notch.

    Five stars every time.

  48. Elbie (verified owner)

    hard time with using coupons

  49. Nicole R (verified owner)

    This is my third time ordering from sacred kratom. I’m new to using this product, and asked a few people who was a trustworthy source. They both recommended you. My second order was returned due to moving, but was swiftly re delivered, even on a holiday. Thank you for a reliable product!

  50. Ricky (verified owner)

    The powder is dark green and smells very fresh and aromatic — unlike the stale/brown garbage several other vendors are selling. Definitely one of the better Red Bali strains available. Also, shipping was really fast, as I received the product two days after I made the purchase.

  51. Mark (verified owner)

    Oh and I forgot to add, Sacred Kratom’s amazing prices and order output. I received my order 3 days earlier then expected. Barely had time to blink. And I pay double the price at head shops for the same amount.

    It takes a lot to impress me but wow. Consider me swept off my feet and now a faithful customer 😉

  52. C (verified owner)

    Great strain! Ordering is so easy and product arrives quickly! Thanks y’all

  53. Kylla (verified owner)

    Super quick shipping, always comes in two days. Customer service is great and there always seems to be a discount code, which keeps me coming back! I like the regular bali better then the red vain.

  54. P Donato (verified owner)

    Excellent strain of

  55. Aubrey (verified owner)

    Red Bali from Sacred Kratom has been a long time go-to. There is a consistent quality to it and the shipping is usually quick and reliable. Very happy, will keep purchasing for myself and recommending to friends!

  56. Henry (verified owner)

    Good product quick delivery

  57. Cindy B (verified owner)

    Great aroma. Great quality and fast shipping.

  58. Jess (verified owner)

    Very nice, this and the Green Malay are my favorites and Sacred Kratom’s variety are just right. Good prices too, for great kratom. Will definitely buy here again.

  59. Randy St.Pierre (verified owner)

    The Bali Rec Vein is one of the best strains for yo money. I have tried others but always go back to the red vien because of the relaxation the aroma provides. Thank you.

  60. Henry (verified owner)

    I’m definitely buying again

  61. Henry (verified owner)

    good deal

  62. Henry (verified owner)

    very good thank you

  63. digital.remote (verified owner)

    Always my go to. Very happy with the product and service they provide

  64. Aubrey (verified owner)

    Red Bali is the go to and Sacred Kratom offers some of the best! Service and shipping is super fast too!

  65. Marky (verified owner)

    A lot of Kratom I’ve purchased, I didn’t notice much of a difference. I certainly did with this one! I know it’s top of the line quality.

  66. digital.remote (verified owner)

    Always a good choice, great vendor and product

  67. digital.remote (verified owner)


  68. Rosalee J Dodson (verified owner)

    good product thank you

  69. AP (verified owner)

    Red Bali is a great choice that I have turned to on Sacred for a year and a half now. I hope to have a better experience when it comes to consistency, as it seems to be hit or miss more often lately that I would like.

  70. Allison (verified owner)

    Really happy with this company. This was my first time ordering and I was not disappointed!

  71. Aubrey (verified owner)

    Really love red bali and Sacred also has really great service and follow up. Happy to purchase again!

  72. Gary (verified owner)

    One of my favorite strains. A++++

  73. Traci (verified owner)

    Happy with the choice. Good consistency. Great company to work with!!

  74. Phoenix (verified owner)

    Great quality and fast delivery. I actually received the product prior to the funds being deducted from my account. Will definitely be ordering again.

  75. Aubrey (verified owner)

    This is the best strain, my go-to, always ships quick, great customer service too!

  76. Nicole (verified owner)

    High quality!

  77. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    Always satisfied with quality and consistent delivery!

  78. Tommy

    One of the best,Fast shipping as alwayd

  79. Aubrey (verified owner)

    Sacred Kratom is such a great go-to, and they carry a very balanced red bali with super fast shipping to boot!

  80. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    Always satisfied with delivery and quality

  81. J (verified owner)

    Great product, would recommend 100%

  82. Tina (verified owner)


  83. mewilliams492 (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, cheap shipping, great product!

  84. Brytanie (verified owner)

    Great for me!

  85. PC (verified owner)


  86. Jb (verified owner)

    Always delivers fast and great products

  87. freekshow435 (verified owner)

    Will buy again.

  88. Tina (verified owner)

    Great. Recommended all around

  89. Chris (verified owner)

    Please allow this to stay legal and help others

  90. Paula (verified owner)

    Loved it

  91. Joan (verified owner)

    Best strain. Love this.

  92. Joan (verified owner)

    Best strain.

  93. Morgan (verified owner)

    Great product! Fast shipping. Excellent customer service! All around thumbs up!!

  94. RG5520 (verified owner)

    There was an issue with my order and they had it resolved within 24 hours. Excellent service and an even better product.

  95. mewilliams492 (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Fast shipping. Great prices.

  96. mewilliams492 (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Fast shipping. Great prices.

  97. Amanda (verified owner)

    Great! Fast shipping

  98. Mike (verified owner)

    This is my new favorite strain.

  99. Joan (verified owner)

    So good

  100. Angel (verified owner)

    Can’t get better than some Red Bali, especially from Sacred Kratom!

  101. Hickory (verified owner)

    Was well pleased with Sacred Kratom so far! Will reorder quickly.

  102. Shawn (verified owner)

    Love this stuff. Extremely great quality at an extremely great price.

  103. BJ (verified owner)

    Works for me. Great product!

  104. David (verified owner)

    My go to! Love this kratom. Thank you for being reliable SacredKratom!!

  105. Jerry (verified owner)

    One of my new favorites.

  106. Angelica (verified owner)

    Beat strain they have

  107. MJ (verified owner)

    fantastic strain and fantastic customer service. quick shipping as always!

  108. David (verified owner)

    My favorite strain!

  109. Kathy (verified owner)

    Fast, dependable delivery.

  110. Kathy (verified owner)

    Fast, dependable delivery.quality product, sturdy packaging.

  111. MJ (verified owner)

    My favourite strain and the best company in my opinion.

  112. Ron (verified owner)

    James is an AWESOME customer service person. Quick to resolve issues.

  113. Mary (verified owner)

    Best red strain by far out of all the different places and strains I’ve tried. Highly recommend! Also the service here at sacred kratom is excellent, they have fast shipping and provide order details immediately.

  114. Kathy (verified owner)

    Ships fast! Reliable!

  115. Randy

    The Bali Red Vein is the best Red Vein I have come across when compared to two other brands that I’ve tried. The price is exceptional also compared to other companies and the ordering process is seamless and quick. Thank you for the wonderful service.

  116. James (verified owner)

    I’ve tried a few strains. This is by far my favorite!

  117. Kathy (verified owner)

    Fast, reliable delivery.

  118. Terri (verified owner)

    Love the product works great thanks

  119. Joaney (verified owner)

    So good!

  120. RG (verified owner)

    Great product, at a decent price, with quick delivery. Perfect.

  121. Zenon (verified owner)

    Quickly becoming a new favorite strain

  122. Aaron (verified owner)

    This product works great! I would highly recommend it.

  123. JB (verified owner)

    Always great products at Sacred. The Red Bali was fresh, the service was fantastic and everything was exactly as it should have been

  124. Jerry (verified owner)

    This is my go to Kratom and the BEST vendor I have found. I have used Sacred Kratom for 3 years and I really appreciate their consistency as well as prompt shipping. Thanks.

  125. Cory (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping. This is the best strain and it is always consistent.

  126. Felisha (verified owner)

    Super clean product.

  127. Dennis (verified owner)

    Always easy to work with.

  128. Dennis (verified owner)

    Always a quality experience.

  129. May


  130. Ramon (verified owner)

    I will be definitely be purchasing more.

  131. Kyle (verified owner)

    First time ordering from here and was not disappointed!

  132. Kyle (verified owner)

    Always consistent!

  133. Wash (verified owner)

    I have tried multiple strains and this is always the one I come back to!

  134. Lori (verified owner)

    Extremely fast shipping! Red Bali is my favorite so far with the strains I’ve tried.

  135. Aubrey (verified owner)

    This has been a long time go-to for me. It’s a smooth balance that is great for day or night. Shipping is reliably fast too.

  136. AC (verified owner)

    My old standby. I have tried other strains, but I always go back to RB.

  137. Joan (verified owner)

    Tried and true. Always my favorite.

  138. Elisa (verified owner)

    Great strain. My favorite.

  139. CAEC (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, best that I have bought. Arrived very late but that was USPS fault. Go with another shipper if possible.

  140. Autumn (verified owner)

    Helps so much

  141. James (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and superior aroma. 5 star product.

  142. Teena (verified owner)

    Great product, very satisfied!

  143. freekshow (verified owner)

    My favorite strain. Great price too!

  144. Tia (verified owner)

    Love this, aroma helps us unwind after work.

  145. Allen (verified owner)

    Red Bali has always been my fav, 100%

  146. Autumn (verified owner)

    The best variety and company.

  147. AJ (verified owner)


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