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White Kratom Lovers Rejoice With These 5 Strains

Jemi Fischbach

Kratom enthusiasts who are looking for a pick-me-up reach for the white Kratom strains. White Kratom tends to be one of the more energizing types, more so than the green or red variations. While those strains do have their benefits, the white varieties offer a unique experience. If you have never heard of white Kratom or have, but never tried it, you should read more about its effects before deciding if it’s right for you.

The Energizing Kratom Strain

White Kratom tends to be thought of as an energizing strain. While some strains are known for their calming or relaxing effects, the white varieties are more stimulating. As the Kratom plant mitragyna speciosa is in the same plant family as coffee, this strain tends to be the most coffee-like.

For years, this plant has been a pillar in indigenous communities’ therapeutic remedies in Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries. Southeast Asia tends to grow the best Kratom because of the soil. As these areas are home to many volcanic rock formations and dense rainforests, the soil is moist and acidic. This soil is what is responsible for infusing the Kratom plant with its active properties.

The alkaloid mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine can increase to high concentrations when Kratom is grown in these parts. Farmers who try to emulate these conditions in other places around the world cannot create a product that is as highly potent as the ones made from the plant grown in this region.

When it comes to white Kratom and other Kratom strains, the current crops tend to be primarily family-run. They are small backyard businesses that are grown and harvested by hand. Unlike many of the big commodities industries in the area like oil palm and timber, these methods are sustainable.

White Veins

White Kratom is the result of careful harvesting techniques done by farmers in Southeast Asia. These farmers will only harvest a small portion of the crops targeting leaves with veins that have turned white. Once these are harvested, the rest of the plant will continue to grow until the leaves have reached maturation. Through staggering harvesting, the crops are more bountiful year after year.

When the Kratom tree grows, the leaves will change over time, presenting three primary vein colors: white, green, and red. As the veins turn white before the other colors, when white Kratom strains are being made, the earliest, least mature leaves are used. The colors change because of the alkaloid concentrations. Over time these amounts will vary, and when they are picked at specific intervals, the grower can tailor the final product and strain.

White Kratom tends to be very high quality because only the most superior leaves are chosen. There is no harm in letting the leaf stay on the tree as it will be used when harvesting for another strain color. Thus, if a farmer sees a white-veined leaf that does not look ready to pick, they will move onto something more hearty and of better quality.

White Kratom Strains That Are The Most Popular

There are five strains of white Kratom that tend to stand out more than the others. These strains are:

Indo White Kratom comes from Indonesia. Many researchers and customers will purchase this as an alternative to coffee, using it as a way to start the day. There is more 7-hydroxymitragynine in this strain than others.

Bali White Kratom tends to blur the lines between stimulating and calming. It provides a balancing effect similar to coffee without the jittery feeling.

Sumatra White Kratom is a great halfway point for those looking to move toward the more potent white Kratom strains.

Borneo White Kratom has been said to be very energizing. If you are a beginner, it might be better to try another strain before graduating onto Borneo White Kratom.

Maeng Da White Kratom is deeply respected by many enthusiasts around the world. Careful processing goes into making white Maeng Da in Thailand, and it is said to be the most potent. Maeng Da roughly translated to “pimp-grade.”

The Best White Kratom From The Best Supplier

It goes without saying that the best product comes from the best suppliers. Figuring out a reputable and trustworthy Kratom source is the first step you need to take when starting your white Kratom journey. Their growers should be carefully planning their harvesting schedule to ensure they are only picking the best leaves for the job. Not only this, but the supplier should be transparent about their business and provide information on their farming techniques and sustainable practices.

As you want to avoid contaminated products or synthetic alternatives, prioritizing your supplier first will save you a lot of trouble later down the line. With more researchers and customers buying high-quality white Kratom, Kratom will see a stronger reputation worldwide.

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