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The Importance Of Buying Uncontaminated Kratom

Jemi Fischbach

Kratom is a substance that can be highly beneficial to a large number of people. However, just like many other natural health food products, the Kratom industry is littered with unreputable vendors and people looking for a quick profit which can saturate the market with contaminated products. Anywhere you purchase Kratom, you must ensure that the product has been lab-tested as this guarantees that there will be no contaminants.

The Kratom Plant: Mitragyna Speciosa

When trying to grasp where Kratom comes from you must understand the plant. While many people think the plant is called Kratom, it is in fact scientifically named mitragyna speciosa. Kratom is a byproduct of this plant as you can not just harvest the leaves and make Kratom. They need to be cured and refined for the substance to be used for medicinal purposes. The alkaloids within the final product are what produces its unique effects. Buying lab-tested Kratom ensures that the product contains the optimal alkaloid makeup and it can be purchased in capsules, extract, or powder form.

The quality of Kratom all depends on how it has been grown, harvested, and further refined. If any missteps are taken throughout the process the potency could be affected. If a manufacturer does not take the proper care it can be left defenseless to contaminants. In other cases, some people want to sell more products than they have so they will cut it with synthetic additives which can be dangerous.

Why Lab-Tested Is Critical

Just like with any health food product, guaranteeing that it is lab-tested is the only way to know if you are getting a product that you can take safely without having to worry about contamination. When looking at Kratom, lab-testing makes sure that customers get the best product while simultaneously benefitting the manufacturer and seller.

The primary benefits of lab-testing are the effects on potency. When the tests are done, the potency of the product can be determined which ensures that everyone involved is getting their money’s worth. If the Kratom has a low potency, it most likely is cut with something else or improper steps have been taken in its production.

Product consistency is also an outcome of lab-testing. If someone is using Kratom for medicinal reasons and they purchase a batch that has not been tested, the effects are not going to be the same. If you want to ensure consistency of quality then you must be taking extra care in ensuring the product has been lab-tested.

Lab-testing also safeguards Kratom from contaminated products reaching consumers. All throughout the production chain, there are going to opportunities for Kratom to be contaminated whether it is intentional or not. In some places where Kratom is grown, pesticides or insecticides are used which can creep their way into the final product. In other cases, Kratom can be biologically contaminated by bacteria like Salmonella.

What To Look For In A Manufacturer

When starting your search for Kratom it is helpful to look for specific characteristics in a vendor and manufacturer as it can help guarantee high-quality products. As you may not have had to search for Kratom before, then you may be unaware of what to look for. Outlined below are some of the traits every Kratom manufacturer should have.

Experience– A business that has been around a while and had lots of success means that they are doing something right. It also means they most likely have the right resources and partnerships to ensure that all the products they sell have been tested in a lab. You want to make sure that they have been importing, and delivering high-quality Kratom so check out some of their reviews or testimonials.

Socially Responsible– As most Kratom comes from plants in Southeast Asia, you want to ensure that the business responsible for the farming is taking care of their team across seas. Many businesses that utilize plants in developing countries take advantage of them and do not give them fair pay. Make sure when buying Kratom the business exercises fair-trade tactics across the board.

Advocates For Kratom– As there are several guidelines that restrict proper information from being provided about Kratom, you must ensure that the businesses you are working with are dedicated to making Kratom more widely accepted. They should be doing this by selling high-quality products as this helps to strengthen the reputation of Kratom.

If you want an uncontaminated, high-quality product on the shelf then you need to be supporting it. You shouldn’t just buy from a vendor because they have low prices, you must properly research and look into a company before buying from them.

By taking the right steps you can help make Kratom a more widely accepted substance which is going to be beneficial to many people around the world. You can take this a step further by joining a Kratom advocacy organization to learn more about the substance and how to support businesses.

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