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Your Maeng Da Kratom Guide

Jemi Fischbach

One of the most spoken-about Kratom strains around the world is Maeng Da. There are many types of Maeng Da Kratom, but opinions on the strain generally tend to vary. Some Kratom enthusiasts swear by its effects and only choose it when making their purchase, while others tend to be more unsure of its effects and consider it overwhelming. These different opinions have sparked further research to learn about Maeng Da Kratom and its unique origins.

Maeng Da’s Thai Roots

Out of all the places in Southeast Asia that grow Kratom, Thailand tends to be one of the biggest exporters. Thailand also happens to be the homeland for the Maeng Da strains. The jungles in this area offer a unique blend of mineral-rich dirt with moist, acidic soil that translates into the plant, giving it a unique chemical structure. For centuries, the communities in these areas have been using the plant mitragyna speciosa as a critical element in healthcare regimens, even claiming it helps relieve stress and fend off bodily pains.

In the United States, Kratom is currently only sold for research use. It is available for sale in various states and can be bought online, but the buyer’s intent must be backed by education or research. As more research is being done, there is more information regarding the plant’s various active components, which is driving producers to make more potent products. It is with this pursuit in mind that Maeng Da Kratom was born.

If one translated the Thai words “Maeng Da” into English, it would be similar to “pimp grade.” While this name is confusing to some, it generally means of higher quality. Specific cultivation practices are put in place to grow and process Maeng Da Kratom so that there are higher concentrations of the two alkaloids 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine.

Unique Maeng Da Harvesting

Dissimilar to the large plantations of timber and oil palm that litter the region, Kratom crops are sustainable and ethical. Rather than wiping out an entire portion of the biodiverse rainforest, Kratom crops are amongst the wild forest and planted in small backyard farms. These traditions have been in place for generations, and it is because of their small scale and unique harvesting methods that they can sustain themself for many years into the future.

After ripening, the leaves are specifically chosen from the tree, and the others are left to grow. The leaves change color throughout their maturation, and when they reach a point where their veins are red, they are picked for the typical red vein Maeng Da Kratom powder. Some farmers can create Maeng Da Kratom using white and green-veined leaves, but it is not as common as the red.

Kratom’s normal processing cycle involves the drying and grinding of the leaves into a fine powder, which is then packaged for sale. When it comes to Maeng Da Kratom, the heightened potency levels result from more extended drying periods. By letting the leaves sit longer than any other strain, the chemical makeup can become more complex and more powerful. Processors will carefully monitor and measure the leaves’ active compounds as they are drying to ensure the ideal levels before they grind and package for sale.

Most Popular Types

Red Maeng Da Kratom: This strain is the most popular, and has the highest amount of 7-hydroxymitragynine.

White Maeng Da Kratom: This strain leans towards a higher concentration of the other alkaloid, mitragynine.

Green Maeng Da Kratom: The green-veined leaves harvested from the middle of the tree tend to offer a delicate balance of the two alkaloids present.

Ultra Maeng Da Kratom: The most potent Maeng Da you will find is Ultra. Special techniques have been used to isolate the alkaloids and provide a more concentrated experience.

Each of these types of Maeng Da Kratom comes available in powder and capsule form. Depending on your supplier, they will either have both or just one. If you can only get your hands on the powder, you can try and encapsulate it yourself for more convenience.

Most suppliers running respectable businesses will offer various options, with some even selling Maeng Da extracts. The powder tends to be the most versatile as you can use it to create teas or as part of a healthcare regime.

High Quality Starts At The Source

A supplier that claims to be selling high-quality products must be working closely with their farmers. The Kratom source, its unique harvesting methods, and the prioritization of sustainability are vital to ensuring you get the best Kratom you can buy.

When looking for Maeng Da Kratom, speak to your potential suppliers about their growing tactics and see if they are transparent about the process. With a bit of time and research spent finding the right supplier, you can safeguard yourself from working with a shady, dishonest business.

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