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The Research into Kratom Must Continue

Jemi Fischbach

Many people in the United States have started to take powdered kratom for the benefits that it promises. Despite the popularity of kratom, though, the amount of research that has been conducted regarding the mitragyna speciosa plant is lacking.

One of the reasons that there has not been much research conducted in labs or clinical studies is that it is relatively new to the West. Still, it has been a part of cultures in Southeast Asia, where the plants grow, for a long time. Even in those countries, the research has been limited, and most of what is known is relegated to anecdotal evidence. This has led to there being a substantial number of questions about kratom with few answers. It also means that some have dismissed kratom while others have embraced the plant.

Only one thing is certain. More research needs to be conducted to help get a far better understanding of the properties of the plant, the benefits it can offer, and whether there are any risks.

The Potential of Kratom

While there may not have been a lot of research into kratom yet, we still have some knowledge regarding the inner workings of the plant. Namely, we know that kratom contains many varied alkaloids. These alkaloids, particularly mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, are thought to be the reasons for the psychoactive properties in kratom.

60% of the alkaloid content in kratom comes from mitragynine, and this is where much of the research that has been done focus. Many researchers feel that this alkaloid is what provides the value in kratom from a therapeutic standpoint. However, other researchers believe that 7-hydroxymitragynine has a lot of potential, as well.

Still, with the limited amount of study that has been done with both alkaloids, it is impossible for scientists to declare the best applications for them.

Although kratom has become popular, it does not have strict regulations posed upon it by the government in the United States. With more research, though, it could be possible that regulations are in the future, particularly in terms of safety and health. This could mean that regulations and standards will be added to help improve the production of kratom. This could be a benefit for consumers who want to buy the product and who want to be sure they are getting high-quality, safe kratom.

What Makes Kratom Difficult to Research?

One of the big reasons why there is not more conclusive research into kratom is due to the nature of the plant. There is a substantial amount of variety in the kratom plant and many different colors and strains based on the age of the leaves and where it was grown. Many of the studies that have been done do not seem to consider this factor, which means the results from one study that uses white kratom could be different from the same type of study that examines red kratom.

Researchers often look at just one color and apply the information gleaned to all kratom across the board. Those who take kratom do not believe this is the best way to conduct research, as they have their personal experience that says different strains and colors can provide different types of benefits. The variances are believed to be due to the different levels of alkaloids present in different colors.

There are three “main” colors of kratom. This includes white, green, and red. The color comes from the veins of the kratom leaf. Those leaves that are not fully mature will have white veins and be used to produce white kratom. Green veins produce green and red veins produce red. Those who purchase white kratom often tout the benefit of an energetic aroma. People who purchase the red kratom, for example, claim that it has the opposite effect and can provide more of a relaxing aroma.

It is also important for researchers to consider harvesting and drying methods, as mentioned. Some types of kratom, such as bentuangie, are fermented. There are also gold strains, which can be made by adding more curing time in the sun. These are just some of the factors that can alter the makeup of the kratom, which can make definitive research difficult unless the researchers reconcile these variances.

With all the varieties of kratom, including different harvesting and curing methods, it could mean that some of the research that has been done is missing important factors. As scientists continue to study kratom, if they investigate the strains and colors, it could help to shed more light on this plant and the benefits that it can offer.

Why Would More Regulations Help?

Some might wonder why there should be regulations on the production of kratom. If many people are using it without issue, then they reason that there is no need for regulations. However, that’s not the case. A total lack of regulations to produce kratom means that manufacturers do not have to follow good manufacturing practices. These manufacturers may not be taking care during the production, which means that some of the kratom could be contaminated and cause issues for the users.

If this seems farfetched, it isn’t. It has already happened. There have been recalls of products because they contained salmonella bacteria due to the manufacturers not having proper production protocols in place.

What does this mean for buyers now? Those who are interested in kratom should only buy their products from reputable manufacturers. They should examine the processes the company uses to make their kratom, and they should only buy from companies that do lab testing for their products. It helps to ensure a better and safer experience.

Those prospective customers who are searching for a high-quality, reliable source of kratom can get in touch to learn more about the options that are available with our company. We have a range of strains from various locations and different colors, options for powder or capsules, and we ensure that buyers get pure, fresh kratom that they can use safely.

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