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The Best Ways to Store Kratom at Home

Jemi Fischbach

So…you’ve navigated your way through the legislation, read up on every strain there is, decided which one to go for, and now you finally…FINALLY…have your Kratom powder in your hands.

Put it down immediately!

We know how excited you will be to receive your precious green powder but excitement causes sweaty hands, and sweat (or any moisture come that that), is SO bad for Kratom.

All joking aside, Kratom will arrive in a lovely, dried state, and if you want to preserve both its potency and its shelf life, it needs to stay as dry as is humanly possible.

If you haven’t already bought your stash, or you’re waiting for it to arrive, now is a good time to decide on how and where you are going to keep your powder.

Here are a few of our suggestions:

Keep it Cold

Heat will degrade your Kratom much faster than time, so aim to keep it as cool as possible. Many people will consider keeping it in a fridge, but a word to the wise – light is also highly detrimental to Kratom, so if you open and close your fridge a million times a day, the fridge might not be the best place for it.

A pantry or closet is ideal, preferably one which isn’t opened too often, but really any place which is cool and away from either natural or artificial light will suffice.

Keep it Airtight

Using airtight containers will go a long way towards keeping your Kratom in tip top condition, and as much air should be removed before storage as possible. Think of it like ground coffee (to which it is related, of course); the reason coffee is packed into vacuum sealed bricks is because it is the singular best way to ensure that the coffee maintains its flavor and freshness. Do the same with Kratom and you’ll be fine.

Keep it Dry

Even the smallest amount of moisture in your stash could lead to mold, and then your entire supply is ruined. Ensure your storage place is as dry as possible, and also make sure the container you use is dry to start with.

Keep it out of the Kitchen

It might seem like a convenient place to store Kratom, but the kitchen is every shade of wrong. Heat from the oven or stove top, steam from boiling pans of water, light from the overhead bulbs…it’s a recipe for disaster. Unless, as we said before, you are thinking of storing your powder in a dark corner of a little-used fridge, find another place to store it.

Think Hide and Seek

Under the bed, in dark closets, on little-used shelves…any of these hidey places will be perfect for Kratom, and the further away from the windows the better.

Avoid Draughts

Draughts usually mean an open (or badly-fitted) window, and windows let in light. That’s reason enough to keep your Kratom away from them, but also, can you imagine what a gust of wind would mean for your lovely, green powder? Play it safe and make sure the air is as still as can be.

Plastic Fantastic

You don’t need any fancy equipment to store your Kratom – a simple Tupperware container will be perfect, or an airtight jar. If you can find one with dark glass that will be even better, but failing that any airtight jar or box can be used and stored in a dark place.

And for Those Prepping for a Disaster…

If you are one of life’s super organized people who likes to plan ahead in case of natural disasters or Zombie apocalypses, there are ways to keep your stash safer for longer. The above methods are good for the short term, but Kratom can be stored for up to a year under the right conditions.

Freeze It

Kratom actually takes well to being frozen, and the beauty of this method is that you don’t even have to thaw it before using. Use freezer bags which seal it all in and you’ll have a fresh supply for up to 12 months in advance.

Vacuum Seal

While a Tupperware box is ideal in the short term, if you want to buy in bulk and still keep it fresh, invest in some vacuum sealed bags, because nobody wants stale Kratom!

Choose Wisely

Of course, none of these suggestions will be worth a thing if you have bought your supply from a vendor who stores their stock for a long time before selling it on. Not only will the quality likely be compromised before you even receive it, but it will have a much shorter shelf life that even the most airtight of containers won’t save. Choose a vendor who buys their powders directly from the farmers – that way there are no middle men who are storing the Kratom in a warehouse somewhere.

The highest quality kratom is a valuable commodity and you deserve to get the best out of it, so follow the three ‘D’s – dark, dry, and definitely cool – and you will reap the rewards from your supply of dried leaves.


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