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Super Green Indo Kratom

Super Green Indo is one of the original “premium” Kratom strains. Term “Indonesian” Kratom, describes a variety of strains coming from Indonesia. Popular belief is that Indonesian Kratom is not as strong as some of the more popular powders such as Maeng Da, but that is not always the case. Because it is an umbrella term for many of the world’s best strains, the powder itself is usually a blend of different Indonesian strains making it one of the most effective powders. Research and records have shown that Indonesian Kratom is not the most energizing aroma, but its return provides longer lasting aroma and burn. Same as all of our powders, Super Green Indo is freshly ground to the consistency of sugar and packaged carefully to preserve freshness.

Indo Kratom – Order from the Leading Online Provider

Sacred Kratom is a leading provider of Super Indo Kratom and other natural capsules, extracts, and powders. Our Indo Kratom is lab-tested, high-quality, and shipped from California throughout the United States and the globe. Include this Green Super Indo Kratom in your cart to qualify for free, same-day shipping!

IMPORTANT: All of our products are regularly tested by a third party for heavy metals content (Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury), microbial safety, yeast, mold,  E. coli and Salmonella. It is important to note that all the information provided is strictly for informational purposes, and according to botanical research. While Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is recognized in many cultures, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) strictly prohibits internal use of this herb. 

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52 reviews for Super Green Indo Kratom

  1. Mary

    Great product and great quality, won’t ever shop anywhere else

  2. Rudd

    Awesome company, and fast shipping!

  3. Sage

    No other Indo comes even close to sacredkratom’s Indo

  4. Angela

    Great product, excellent service, love this strain, its always satisfying!

  5. Myers

    High quality and consistent

  6. Sam

    After searching everywhere online, reviews lead me to

    Definitely happy, should’ve ordered more than just the lb

  7. Sammie

    Best quality and best service, can’t get better than this!

  8. Charlotte

    Awesome aroma, just smells fresh upon opening sealed bag

  9. Gillmore

    Best Indo strain, no matter which batch, always consistent and fresh

  10. Kloe

    Always consistent and good, never any surprises from

  11. Dan

    I always have such a great experience ordering from you guys, can’t go wrong with them

  12. Todd

    This green was not as good as all of the others. It was ok but I prefer the green maeng da the most.

  13. j

    My second favorite this site offers! Love love love

  14. Ryan

    You can never go wrong with the Super Green Indo. I’m a Maeng Da kinda guy, but I like to mix it up with the super green from time to time. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

  15. JB (verified owner)

    I’ve been buying from here for awhile and their products are superb! Since I’ve found kratom, I have more energy and positive focus to take on the daily tasks in my life. This company has always been great on shipping, however this past time I’ve been disappointed in the whole process. I ordered 6 days ago and still have not received my order that I really needed asap. Like I said, this is not typical of this company but I am annoyed enough to write my first review. Other than that, the products will not disappoint.

  16. Kua (verified owner)

    This aroma helps me so much with anxiety and depression. Kratom saved my life

  17. Christopher

    Pretty cheap from other places i looked and quality it good too!

  18. rocco (verified owner)

    This green was ok but I like the green maeng da the most service is very good you have a great company

  19. Devin

    Very satisfied

  20. britsam

    this has to be one of my favorite strains.

  21. Tina

    Great burn for the beginner to start on! As the effects aren’t too strong, but last and last!

  22. Beth (verified owner)

    Always pleased with Sacred Kratom orders, very consistent.

  23. Beth (verified owner)


  24. Rid (verified owner)

    My favorite. Great for everything

  25. Ry (verified owner)

    Perfect for any time of the day. Try it and you won’t be disappointed

  26. Lisa

    This has been a favorite for so long. It is definitely worth every penny.

  27. Linda (verified owner)

    This is one of my favorite strains. is always consistent with it’s quality, has fast shipping, and great prices.

  28. Ry (verified owner)

    Super duper Indo is great for anytime of the day

  29. DJ (verified owner)

    This Super Green Indo Kratom is excellent! I will buy it again when and if it is available at Sacred Kratom!

  30. Jack (verified owner)

    Very great

  31. Jasmin & Dax (verified owner)

    The Super Green Indo is my favorite so far this year! I have tried several Red varieties, but this is a great match, I think, for the light weight, feminine frame and constitution. Thx Sacred Kratom!

  32. Jaycee (verified owner)

    Never cease to amaze me. Great price, efficient ordering. Fast delivery!!

  33. Amy (verified owner)


  34. DJemo (verified owner)

    A true hard to find high quality green Indo. Primo! The packaging is best in the industry too. Glad I gave you a try!

  35. Dave (verified owner)

    Loved the Green Indo. It sneaks up on you and then a big blast of calm and happy!

  36. Joan (verified owner)

    More calming than other greens.

  37. cadmuscurtis (verified owner)

    Super indeed, great consistency every single order.

  38. Cadmus (verified owner)

    Another great batch, thanks guys!

  39. cadmuscurtis (verified owner)

    My go-to strain during the day. Nice powerful aroma!

  40. Christina (verified owner)

    First time ordering this. Was pleasantly surprised

  41. Curtis (verified owner)

    Second favorite strain thanks for the quality product!

  42. Cadmus (verified owner)

    Amazing quality, will always have some on hand

  43. Cadmus (verified owner)

    Best night time strain for me

  44. Huegle (verified owner)

    Awsome energy fast shipping

  45. Ann (verified owner)

    Always have this around, best quality out there!

  46. Ann (verified owner)

    Always have this around, best quality out there!

  47. Cadmus (verified owner)

    My absolute favorite strain

  48. Cadmus (verified owner)

    Can’t go without having some of this Indo around. Always the greatest! Thanks for the consistently fantastic quality, great shipping, testing your product, and and great customer service!!

  49. Cadmus (verified owner)

    My favorite daytime strain

  50. Ann (verified owner)

    My all time favorite, same exact quality every single order every time. Thanks!

  51. Lisa (verified owner)

    Great product fast shipping.

  52. Autumn (verified owner)

    Truly a great product.

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