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Kratom Incense: An Overview

Jemi Fischbach

With more people adopting holistic habits around the world, research in natural healing methods is going up. Many people have turned their eyes towards Kratom, and are curious about what it can do to help them. As there are many forms of Kratom available, often interested consumers have found it challenging to determine which product will be best suited for them. If you are in this boat, then you may have heard about Kratom incense. Kratom incense is an effective way to be introduced to the substance, allowing you to explore some of its properties. These are easy to use and will produce an aroma in whichever room you have it ignited.

What Exactly Is It?

To get a better idea of what Kratom incense, you need first to know where it comes from. It is produced from the cultivation and refinery of the mitragyna speciosa tropical evergreen tree. This tree grows in tropical areas around the globe, but their native soil is in Southeast Asia. The leaves from the tree, once harvested, are hung up on large drying racks, fermented or left in the sun to cure. After the curing, the dried leaves are ground into powders, which undergo further quality control tests to ensure that the Kratom on the shelves is the best quality possible.

The ground-up powder is often turned into extracts, capsules, and other forms for various user options. The powder is what is commonly used to create the incense. When burning, you can mix with other incense powders or essential oils to have more control over your aromatic experience.

High-Quality Is Key

When buying Kratom, you need to ensure that it is top-quality. Some manufacturers and retailers out there can be deceiving with their marketing, giving you a clouded idea of the product they have for sale. These products can often be contaminated, and supporting them can ruin Kratom’s reputation.

You need to be able to trust the supplier, and you can do so by checking up on their testimonials and reviews. You can also contact them to chat about their production cycle and farms around the world. If they are working with growers across seas, you need to ensure they practice fair-trade business from seed to shelf. Buying from a reputable dealer will also guarantee consistency every time you make a purchase.

Preparing For Incense Use

When using Kratom as incense, it is crucial to adequately prepare so that the experience can be as smooth as possible. Figure out which room is the most relaxing in your home, where you feel comfortable burning the Kratom, and commit to this space. You don’t want people wandering through unannounced as it can be distracting and unpleasant for both of you, as the person may not want to be in a room filled with Kratom aroma.

The time when you burn it is also essential as you don’t want to have to make any critical decisions afterward or operate intense machinery. As the incense can induce a feeling of deep relaxation, you want to ensure that you make safety your priority. Once you experiment a bit and get a feel for how it affects you, you can better determine the best time to use Kratom incense.

When you first set up your Kratom, you want to make sure that there is nothing flammable nearby like loose papers or fabrics. You should have access to a cup of water or fire extinguisher to ensure you are prepared for any accidents. You also want to make sure it is not anywhere you or someone else could easily knock it over.

How Much?

When burning Kratom it is best to start with a maximum of six grams. It is an ample amount that can fill a room with a hefty supply of Kratom. As powders can often be challenging to burn, you should pay a visit to a new age shop or head shop and purchase a unique burner for powder where you can pack down the Kratom. You could also get a charcoal disk, which can be just as effective.

Depending on your preferences, you may not enjoy Kratom’s smell, but not to worry as this is when you get to tailor the experience even more by adding in your essential oil drops or other herbal powder to the mix. After the first few times, you will most likely come up with the perfect aromatic combination.

Be Responsible

When using Kratom whether it is capsules, extracts, or incense, you must be responsible. The first step in responsible use is purchasing from a reputable dealer. As Kratom is under intense scrutiny from US legislators and regulators, being responsible with Kratom can help show these agencies that Kratom can make its place.

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