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Kratom Extract: What You Need To Know

Jemi Fischbach

The Kratom industry has seen the introduction of many products over the past few decades, with some being more popular than others. One of the most popular Kratom products is extracts. Extracts are more potent doses of a product, which means you only need a small amount to get the desired effect.

When it comes to Kratom extracts, you should always be doing your research and thoroughly scoping out potential suppliers before purchasing. A good supplier is the key to ensuring you get something that will be safe and prove useful for your research endeavors.

The Tropical Kratom Tree

The source of all Kratom products is the mitragyna speciosa tree. This tree is a tropical evergreen that is found in many of the jungles in Southeast Asia. The leaves of the plant are used to make the product Kratom fans know and love. The two compounds in the leaves responsible for giving them unique characteristics are the alkaloids called 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine.

This incredible plant has been in use for hundreds of years, with small communities first using the product to diminish bodily pains and fend off anxiety. Over time as news spread about the substance’s therapeutic potential, Western researchers became interested, and the worldwide demand for Kratom skyrocketed.

It is at this point of heightened interest where Kratom now lies. Western countries have yet to regulate the substance, with some places banning it entirely. As a Kratom fan, you need to do your research to ensure you are buying the right products and operating a safe research space.

Getting Kratom On The Market

Before Kratom can be sold, it needs to be prepared for the market. Like any product that you see available in stores, there are specific techniques and steps to be taken before it is ready to use. In the case of Kratom, it all begins with the picking of the leaves.

Each leaf on the Kratom tree is handpicked, with some leaves being left to mature for future harvest. By staggering the harvest, the farmers can sustain their crops for longer, and they do not disturb the surrounding rainforest. Once the leaves are picked, they are deveined and dried. The drying process will often vary, mainly depending on the desired strain of Kratom the farmer is trying to achieve.

Once the leaves are harvested and dried, they are added to industrial grinders and processed into a fine powder. This powder will then undergo lab testing and further inspections to ensure that it is safe for the United States’ researching market. These steps are vital to keeping Kratom’s reputation positive. Some individuals try to skip steps for the sole purpose of profits. These sellers give Kratom a lousy name.

Harnessing The Active Compounds

The active compounds in Kratom are what makes the plant so beloved, and when it comes to Kratom extracts, these active compounds are the main act. When Kratom extracts are created, these alkaloids are isolated and separated from the inert plant material. What is left over is a potent dose of Kratom with large quantities of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

There are various methods used to create Kratom extracts. Some methods involve taking the raw leaves and directly combining them with an extractor like ethanol to make a tincture. However, the most common method involves Kratom powder. The powder is combined with water, which is then heated until it boils.

After the solution has boiled down, a thick paste is left over. The paste is strained, removing the inert plant materials, and then left to dry. Once dry, it is ground into a Kratom extract, which will look similar to the powder, only it will be darker. This dark powder will have a high amount of the active compounds that Kratom fans know and love.

Why Choose Kratom Extracts?

There are four main reasons you should invest in an extract over a powder:

  • Potency
  • Purity
  • Price
  • Storage

As Kratom extracts are more potent, you only need to use a small amount to get the same effect. These products are often labeled as 2x or with a 2:1 ratio. The Kratom extracts will also be very pure, which means there won’t be unnecessary plant material in the product, you will just be using the active components. As you will only need a small amount, it is cost-effective, and you can save space when storing.

The Source

If you want to get the extract advantage, you need to choose the right supplier. A supplier who is working directly with their growers will have the best extracts. Over time, you will see if the extracts are better for you or if you want to try another product. With a reputable supplier at your side, you will have many options whenever you need them.

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