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How to Store Kratom

Jemi Fischbach

If you want to keep your Kratom as fresh and potent as possible, there are a few storage do’s and don’ts which will ensure your supply stays as fresh as the day you bought it.

Keep Your Cool

Kratom may hail from hot tropical climes, but that doesn’t mean its storage should follow along the same lines. In fact, when it comes to keeping your stash fresh, it needs to be kept somewhere cool in order to stop the alkaloids, or active ingredients, from breaking down and rendering it useless. A-ha…the refrigerator, I hear you say? Well, it’s certainly an option, although not the only one. If you are going to use your fridge, make sure the seal on the door is unbroken, and that there is no condensation inside.

Other options would be a cool cupboard or closet, a drawer, or even just a room which has no windows and doesn’t get warm.

Throw Some Shade

Not only does Kratom not like the heat, but it shies away from sunlight, too. If you want to weaken it, expose it to UV rays (but seriously, who wants weak Kratom, right?). The places mentioned above – drawers, closets, etc. – will, by default, provide shade, so follow point one, and the second one should follow. It’s also worth noting that the more exposure Kratom has to UV rays, the more it will break down, so while one stint in the sun won’t cause too much harm, it’s a cumulative effect – the more you expose it, the weaker it will be.

Sc-air Tactics

When Phil Collins sang that there was something in the air tonight, he probably wasn’t talking about Kratom-weakening oxygen, but nevertheless, that’s what oxygen does. As an organic substance, Kratom will become stale if exposed to oxygen, so make sure that you keep it in an airtight container or bag.

Tupperware boxes are perfect, or if yours came in a resealable bag, it will be fine to stay there until you need to use it, but whether it’s your bulk supply or your ‘to-hand’ stash, make sure you can seal it to stop oxidation taking place.

As an aside, it’s always good practice to store Kratom in a sealed container, because as a powder it’s REALLY prone to dispersing everywhere! One sneeze and everyone gets some!

It Makes Scents

Actually, Kratom doesn’t, but other stuff does, so when you are looking for storage solutions, make sure you’re not keeping it next to garlic, onions, strong-smelling cheeses, or even more questionable items. The last thing you want is odor-tainted Kratom.

Dry Run

Kratom comes to you dry, so make sure you keep it that way if you want it in optimum condition. Whether yours comes to you in powder, capsules, or leaf form, getting it wet before you use it would be a disaster. Clumpy powder and soggy capsules really aren’t going to cut it, so keep them away from moisture, including condensation, and you’ll be golden (or red, or green, or white).

Not only that, but when you introduce moisture to the mix, you are then risking mold, too and that’s when things really get gross!

In The Long Term

Kratom, if stored properly, will normally keep for about a year. Anything longer than that and it will probably start to degrade, even when you’ve followed storage instructions to the letter. Buy in bulk by all means, but just make sure you use it within around 12 months.

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