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How Kratom Operations Are Staying Safe During COVID-19

Jemi Fischbach

COVID-19 has hit the world hard. Many people worldwide are suffering from loss, and others are being forced to reshape their life and work. Businesses have also been challenged, wondering what they need to do to stay profitable during these trying times. Many businesses have shut down because of the pandemic, while others have done well as they migrate their services online.

Despite many businesses making the necessary shift to move their operations online and invoke new safety protocols, customers are still hesitating before buying. They want to make sure that wherever they are buying from is COVID-free.

Thankfully, Kratom vendors have been stepping up to the plate and ensuring their businesses and shipping facilities have all the necessary safety protocols to keep the virus at bay. By ensuring their employees and facilities are safe, customers do not need to worry.

Safe Product Handling

Employees working in the warehouses where Kratom is processed for shipment must wear the proper PPE at all times. These include gloves, masks, and face shields. Whether it is for cataloging inventory, being near any products, or shipping, this PPE is required as part of the GMP compliance measures.

Additionally, employees must be consistently washing their hands throughout the day for a minimum of 20 seconds. These efforts are in line with recommendations set out by the CDC and are useful in helping the spread of COVID-19.

Physical Distancing In Warehouses

Everyone worldwide has gotten used to physically distancing themselves from others around them. It is no different at any Kratom warehouse. All employees must remain at least 6 feet from other employees. This distance is not only keeping the employees’ families safe, but also customers.

Disinfecting Efforts

Disinfecting is an essential component of COVID safety in Kratom warehouses. Before and after every shift, employees must sanitize their hands as well as their workspaces. High-quality, powerful sanitizers are used to wipe down all surfaces throughout the facilities, including door handles in other high-traffic areas.

Through sanitization, the solution can kill any virus or germs sitting on surfaces, and if it is done regularly, it means that there is no chance the virus will survive in these areas. This ensures that the product you are getting is not harboring any viruses and that it is free from environmental toxins.

GMP Compliant Facilities

As a standard, Kratom vendors are now making their facilities GMP-compliant. This compliance focuses on making sure the 5Ps are prioritized when it comes to cleanliness.

  • People
  • Premises
  • Products
  • Procedures
  • Processes

When you choose to work with a Kratom vendor, speak to them about how they are stepping up the challenge of meeting COVID safety protocols.

GMP compliance is a gold standard for manufacturing facilities and ensures customers are getting nothing less than the best.

Ask Questions

If you want to know more about how a Kratom vendor addresses COVID-19 and what they are doing to fight the virus, ask them questions. Most suppliers will be open to sharing with you the details of their safety plan and their plans for the future.

The importance of working with a reputable Kratom vendor has increased now more than ever. Many vendors who operate shady businesses and have never been lab testing can’t be trusted to follow safety protocols now.

While COVID-19 has changed the way businesses operate around the world, it doesn’t mean that efforts can’t be made to adjust to the new safety demands. Through physical distancing, proper product handling, disinfecting, and adhesion to GMP compliant rules, Kratom vendors set an example for COVID-19 safety.

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