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Getting to Know the Kratom Leaf

Jemi Fischbach

The kratom tree, which is an evergreen tree found in tropical locations like Southeast Asia, has become popular in the United States and many other parts of the world. Although it has only recently come to the US, it has been used by people for centuries in places such as Indonesia. The cultures in the regions where the plant grows would often chew on the leaves or place them into a tea to get the desired effects.

Today, much of the kratom is powdered after the leaves have been harvested and dried. Some buyers prefer capsules, which entails super easy and convenient measurements. Others prefer other forms of storage for transportation or safekeeping.

While the plant has become popular in recent years in the United States, there are still many unknowns surrounding it for many people. Naturally, those who are considering burning kratom want to know more about the plant before they make any decisions. If you are interested in kratom, take some time to learn more about the plant and what it offers.

Mitragyna Speciosa: A Giving Tree

The mitragyna speciosa is a tree that grows in tropical conditions. It has a straight trunk and smooth bark. Because it is an evergreen tree, the leaves will be produced throughout the year, which means they can be harvested regularly. The leaves are quite large. They can be up to eight inches long and around five inches wide when they are open. It is thought that the leaves are where the power of this tree lies. They are filled with alkaloids, with two of the most potent being mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

The tree grows to varying heights depending on the conditions. Some might be as small as 13’ to 20’, while others will grow to 80’ and more.

As mentioned, the tree does well in tropical climates. It is found naturally in many forests in southeast Asia. This includes Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea. Due to the popularity of the product, there are now farms that grow and care for these trees.

Understanding the Different Strains and Processing

Buyers will notice that there are often different names for kratom. At first, these names can seem confusing, but the naming convention is quite simple. Typically, there will be two factors that are used for naming. These include the color of the veins of the leaves used and the region where the leaves were harvested.

There are three colors for the veins of the kratom leaves – white, green, and red. The leaves that have red veins are the most mature. Those that have white veins are the youngest, and the green-veined leaves are in between. It is believed that the varying maturity levels will have different concentrations of the alkaloids in them, which can provide different effects. White is often used for an energetic aroma, while red has more of a soothing aromatic property.

The origin of the kratom is used in naming, as well. Some of the locations where kratom is grown and which are often used in the names include Borneo, Bali, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sumatra, and Thailand.

When perusing online kratom, the buyer might see options like Borneo Red or Borneo White. You would know that the kratom was grown and harvested in Borneo, and you would know the color of the veins.

However, there are some variations, but they are also easy to understand. If you see bentuangie kratom, it has been fermented as part of the process in making it. When you see the words “maeng da”, it simply refers to high-quality kratom. If a product is marketed as green maeng da, you know that it is a high-quality kratom made from green-veined leaves. Extracts are available, as well. These have been made by boiling the leaves down until there is only a highly potent resin left.

Most of the kratom buyers will find comes in a powdered form. The powder might already be placed into capsules, which can make them convenient and easy to use. Others might opt to buy just the powder, which they can then add to drinks.

There are plenty of choices with kratom, but they are all simple to understand. Yet, you might want to try several different strains before you settle on the one that works best for you. Try out one at a time and see which one meets your needs the best. Once you find your favorite, you will know what you should be ordering going forward.

However, buyers need to realize that not all the vendors are worth their time and money. It is a good idea to be choosy and to only work with the best manufacturers.

Choosing the Right Company

Although kratom has gained a substantial amount of popularity, the government in the United States does not have any regulations in place regarding the manufacture of the product. This means that companies are not required to follow any specific protocols when making the kratom or packaging it, which could lead to impurities and contamination reaching the customers. Some companies are only worried about putting out products quickly, not about the quality of the kratom they are selling.

Buyers need to avoid those types of companies at all costs. They should research the company to ensure that there is lab testing done on the products and to get a better sense of how the kratom is made and packaged. Only choose those that can provide high-quality, pure products that do not have additives thrown into them as filler.

Additionally, customers will want to get a sense of the types of products that are offered. Most of the top companies will have strains from different locations and that are different colors. This provides the buyer with more choices, so they can be sure they are getting the kratom that they need.

We have a range of products available and provide excellent customer service, as well as excellent manufacturing standards. The products can be delivered right to your door.

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