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Enhanced Kratom: What It Is

Jemi Fischbach

Kratom comes in many varieties and strains with different names for what is sometimes the same thing, depending on who is selling it. It’s no wonder that new users can find themselves getting overwhelmed. If you’ve just gotten familiar with the red, white, and green vein varieties of kratom, you might still have questions about terms like ultra or enhanced kratom.


You’ve come to the right place. We’re going to take a look at enhanced kratom and discuss the different types of kratom and additives that you’ll find with this label.


When shopping for enhanced kratom, be sure to do your research and shop only at places you trust to minimize your chances of receiving a product that delivers unintended effects.

Enhanced isn’t always what it seems

When it comes to defining what is or isn’t enhanced kratom, one can run into a problem: there is no official definition. This lack of an agreed-upon use of the term has led to a range of kratom products bearing the “enhanced” label. Here’s a look at the different types of kratom labeled as enhanced:

  1. Pure kratom with abnormally high potency. This is natural kratom that happens to be stronger than other types of kratom and does not contain additives.
  2. Kratom extract begins as natural kratom then undergoes a chemical process to increase its potency. Gram for gram, kratom extract has more “kick” than natural kratom powder. The extract is commonly sold as a powder.
  3. Mixing natural kratom powder with the stronger extract to form a hybrid
  4. Sometimes, enhanced kratom isn’t actually kratom. Instead, it’s a man-made synthetic reproduction of kratom. This chemical concoction can have unintended side effects and could be potentially dangerous. If you’re looking for a traditional kratom experience, avoid synthetic versions
  5. Kratom powder with various chemical additives is sometimes marketed as enhanced. These chemicals may not be safe, especially if being made by a less than reputable company. Carefully reading all labels is important when buying kratom labeled or marketed as enhanced.


This wide range of products all being marketed under the same term requires extra vigilance from consumers to be sure they’re getting what they want and not something completely different. When looking for safe and trustworthy enhanced kratom products, it is important to look into how the enhanced kratom is made to be sure you get the results you’re looking for while avoiding potentially harmful products.

Inconsistent use of “enhanced” can cause confusion

When buying enhanced kratom, be sure to head to a reputable shop, where you can trust what they tell you. Then read any included descriptions to determine if they are offering the sort of enhanced kratom you are looking for. As the use of the term varies from vendor to vendor, it is important to do this each time you try a new product. A trustworthy company will clearly state how their enhanced kratom is made.

About Sacred Kratom’s Enhanced formula

At Sacred Kratom, we use the term enhanced to refer to kratom extract combined with natural kratom. These products don’t have chemical additives and can be trusted to be as safe as other forms of kratom we sell. We also sell pure kratom extract, which we label as such, rather than also calling it enhanced.

This approach to clearly labeling our products means you know what you’re getting when you shop with us for enhanced kratom.

 Safe, transparent, and naturally enhanced kratom

We believe in providing clear product information and the safest possible products. To that end, we use only natural kratom to make our extracts, and our product descriptions clearly state what is in each type of enhanced kratom that we sell. We take our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction very seriously, which is why every batch of kratom extract is made from pure, natural kratom.


More about extracts

With many products, extracts come in liquid or oil form, but kratom extract is a powder. The process uses natural kratom, dried and powdered, and boiling water. As the kratom powder is boiled, the active ingredients within the kratom – the alkalines – are drawn out of the plant material and into the water. This process is similar to what happens when you make kratom tea. Once the kratom has been boiled for a sufficient length of time, the solid bits are strained out before the liquid is reduced further, creating a thick paste. While it can remain as a paste, it is more commonly dried and sold as a powder and referred to as kratom extract.


When buying kratom, extracts will be labeled as such or, in some cases, as enhanced. It is important to carefully read the packaging so that you don’t accidentally buy the wrong product. But what if there is no packaging? Well, if you’re certain the powder is kratom, but need to determine if it’s natural kratom powder or an extract, there are a few clues. The extract will be darker than natural kratom, for one. Also, the extract will have a stronger smell, thanks to its increased potency.

Final thoughts on enhanced kratom

If you like kratom, it makes sense that you would be interested in something labeled as “enhanced kratom.” But some less than reputable companies are willing to benefit from your interest by offering dubious and sometimes unsafe products labeled as enhanced kratom. Be sure to do your homework before purchasing enhanced kratom so that you know exactly what you are buying.


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