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Kratom Pills

When it comes to sourcing health supplements that are convenient and easy to transport, pills tend to be the best option. Whether it is pressed powder pills or capsules, having a pre-measured kratom ensures consistency every time you purchase the product. When it comes to Kratom pills, they tend to be a favorite product among researchers and enthusiasts who don’t want to deal with the hassle of measuring the powder or extract every time. These pre-measured doses also make it one of the best products to try if you are new to Kratom and the various available products.  

Before beginners start buying and experimenting with various Kratom products, you should do as much research as possible. It would help if you were learning about the various products, the proper measurements, and the origin of the substance. Once you start to better understand Kratom pills and how they are formed, you will be better informed to do proper research. Responsibility must be upheld as a primary pillar when it comes to all Kratom related research and studies. 

The Origins Of Kratom Pills

Like most natural food products and health supplements, the products in question are derived from a plant of some type. When it comes to Kratom pills, the plant used is the mitragyna speciosa tree. When searching for this type of tree worldwide, the most prominent location where it is grown is in Southeast Asia. Deep in the rainforests of various countries in this part of the world, these tall tropical plants grow. To create the products that you see available on store shelves, the leaves of this tree are used. 

It is also critical to note that the plants are host to many active compounds because of the soil in these parts of the world. As there is lots of volcanic activity and many other plant species, the soil is acidic and dense with nutrients. These nutrients infuse the plant with active compounds giving it its various characteristics of potential. While some growers try to recreate these conditions elsewhere, their operations are nowhere near as successful as the farms throughout Southeast Asia. For this reason, a majority of Kratom pills come from plants grown in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. 

As many rural communities populate the land within the rainforest and surrounding it, the mitragyna speciosa tree has played a role in medicinal rituals for a long time. Hundreds of years ago, people began to experiment with the leaves by chewing on them to increase focus or steeping them in hot water to ward off anxiety and pain. As more communities were found to be using this tree as a critical element in health practices, researchers worldwide became interested in finding out more about what makes it unique. The plant was discovered to be host to many different active compounds, alkaloids. These alkaloids are what give the mitragyna speciosa tree its healing properties. 

The two most commonly found alkaloids within the leaves are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These alkaloids vary in concentration depending on where the plant is harvested and at what stage along its maturation it is plucked. For example, when you see Malay Red Kratom pills for sale, these are made from grown in Malaysia and from leaves with red veins. As the leaves on the tree age, the vein color changes. When it is just starting to grow, the veins are white, but these change to green and red over time. As the concentration of the active alkaloids is determined by both the growing location and the vein color, growers and suppliers can tailor their products by having partners in various parts of Southeast Asia. 

Making Kratom Pills 

Kratom pills and capsules are generally the same things. Most vendors will sell capsules, while few offer a pressed pill. Generally, a capsule tends to be easier to make, especially when it comes to DIY methods. Pressed pills require a pressing machine, and often, the powder’s consistency results in a pill that falls apart quickly. 

When it comes to making Kratom capsules, there are two primary methods: industrial encapsulation and manual encapsulation. These two methods use raw Kratom powder as their starting product and then add this to small gel capsules. The powder is first made by grinding down the dried mitragyna speciosa leaves. 

Industrial Pill Making

Various Kratom vendors use industrial encapsulation machines as they allow them to process a great deal in a short amount of time. Essentially, the machine is loaded with raw Kratom powder. The machine separates the two halves of the gel cap. One half is pushed through the machine, which fills the cap with a specific dose of Kratom powder, then the other half is moved into place and seals the capsule closed. These machines can process around 100 capsules in just one minute. The only downfall with industrial encapsulation methods is that the machines tend to be very expensive. For vendors that are just starting or for researchers looking to make their own capsules at home, it is recommended to opt for manual methods first before investing in a large capacity encapsulator. 

Manual Pill Making

For those looking to make their capsules at home for research purposes, manual encapsulation will most likely be the road you take. While it may seem a bit straightforward, several issues can arise when trying to attempt manual encapsulation. As you will be trying to load small capsules with powder, it is easy to make a mess and use a varying amount of Kratom powder each time. When attempting manual encapsulation, it is helpful to purchase an encapsulation tray. These trays make it much easier to make capsules. The tray consists of small holes that fit one half of a gel capsule perfectly. You can get these trays in varying sizes so that you can do them in batches. 

Once you fill the holes with your gel capsule half, you then take your Kratom and spread it evenly among the capsules. Once they are all full, you then add the capsule’s top layer, sealing them closed. These trays are also favorable because any remaining Kratom will be leftover on the tray, which you can then use for subsequent batches. When attempting manual encapsulation, you will have difficulty getting the exact measurement the same each time. The best way to strive for consistency is to use a scale and weigh each dose beforehand, although this can take up more time. 

Most Common Kratom Pills

As making Kratom pills yourself can prove very difficult, and you most likely will be left with capsules with varying measurements of powder, it is recommended to buy your capsules pre-made. Many reputable vendors sell these online, and it guarantees that you will be getting the same dose every time. Consistency also safeguards your research from running into errors because of mismeasurements. As exact measurements are crucial to any study’s efficacy and legitimacy, you should try and make consistency a priority. 

When looking for Kratom pills, some are going to be much more popular than others. Depending on the dealer you work with, they may recommend the best products for your specific needs. Check out some common capsules below:

  • Maeng Da Kratom Capsules
  • Red Maeng Da Kratom Capsules
  • Borneo White Kratom Capsules
  • Bali Kratom Capsules

These pills each have specific benefits, with the Maeng Da strains on the stronger side. In some cases, a retailer will even sell Kratom pills that contain extract, in which case one pill will provide the effects of two. If you are working with a reputable dealer, they will lead you on the right course, ensuring that the pills you get are useful in your research. You can also look at the reviews from other customers and testimonials to determine which capsule will be right for you. With a bit of time, you will be sure to find the perfect fit. 

Buy Lab-Tested Kratom Pills

When buying Kratom pills, you need to make sure you are doing your due diligence and looking into the source. Some vendors operate within the Kratom industry, selling inferior products contaminated with chemicals containing synthetic additives. These products can significantly hinder your research and can even be dangerous. Not to mention, they are probably not compensating their growers in Southeast Asia fairly. 

When you buy Kratom pills, you need to ensure that the vendor is lab testing all the products before putting them on the shelves. When you work with a retailer, make sure that they are transparent about their business model and accurately give you information regarding their farmers in Southeast Asia. You should also check to make sure they are a fair-trade company. 

By taking your time to source high-quality Kratom pills, you can ensure your research is carried out with minimal issues. If you have more questions about Kratom pills, you can contact an advocacy group such as the American Kratom Association to find out more. Using your Kratom responsibly and taking your time to investigate companies helps contribute to a healthy Kratom production life cycle.