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Kratom Capsules

Anyone familiar with Kratom products will undoubtedly be a bit confused by the sheer amount available. There are so many different types, strains, and formats that it can be confusing to understand which ones will be the most beneficial. Like anything, it will take a bit of time to do some research and figure out which products will be the most advantageous to your life. However, despite the number of products available for Kratom related products, the capsules are one of the most popular. Capsules are not only going to ensure you get a consistent dose of Kratom each time, but they also are easy to transport. For researchers and educators on the go, looking for convenience and ease-of-transport, the capsules are the sure way to get the best bang for your buck while preventing measurement trouble from arising. 

Before you bust out your credit card and start making some purchases, you should make sure you are buying for the right purposes. Currently, there are restrictions in the United States on Kratom products and how they are sold. You can purchase Kratom products for research only and not for personal use. Ensure that you have a clear intent with your Kratom product so that you don’t find yourself in tumultuous legal situations later down the line. If you are someone who travels often and is looking to take Kratom capsules with you, you should remember that the laws in every country will be different. Always double-check the regulations and rules in the days leading up to your departure, as some places will dole out significant penalties for Kratom possession. 

Kratom Capsules’ Natural Source

If a Kratom product is bought from a reputable source, it will be natural. These suppliers ensure that there are no synthetic additives included in their products. If you see Kratom tablets for sale, these tend to include binding agents, which can often contain chemicals. Kratom capsules are simply gel caps that are filled with pure, unadulterated Kratom powder. This powder is derived from the tropical plant mitragyna speciosa, which grows in hearty jungles across the glove, predominantly in Southeast Asia. Before capsules were made available on the market, indigenous populations used the mitragyna speciosa tree throughout this part of the world. They would chew on the leaves or use them to make a tea-like concoction. Many of these communities claimed that it helped alleviate pain in the body, reduce mental anxiety, and clear emotional fog. These claims inevitably sparked a worldwide mission to find more about this potentially magical substance. 

Once more people worldwide started to find out about Kratom and the mitragyna speciosa tree, they initiated various research efforts to find out about the chemistry of the plant. They want to know what was responsible for these apparent benefits that smaller communities were talking about. After careful scientific investigation, they discovered that the plant contained many active compounds, with two that stood out above the rest. The alkaloids 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine are the two compounds that provide a bulk of the substance’s therapeutic potential. Researchers also discovered that only when Kratom is grown in Southeast Asia can it host high concentrations of these alkaloids. Due to the acidic soil and dense quantities of nutrients, the plant can grow to the best of its ability. When farmers have attempted to grow the plant indoors or other parts of the world, the final product is inferior compared to the native grown plants. 

Harvesting Kratom For Capsules

If you break open a Kratom capsule, inside, you will find pure Kratom powder. The supplier must first make a powder before the capsules are created. Before the powder is created, the leaves from the mitragyna speciosa tree are harvested. This harvesting period takes place at a point in time when the farmer sees fit. Depending on the strain that the farmer intends to make, the harvest time will vary. For example, if a farmer is hoping to make Red Vein Kratom capsules, they will only pluck the leaves once the red veins develop. In most cases, there are three colors that the leaves will change throughout the aging process. First, they turn white, then green, followed by red. Thus, the red vein varieties are made from the most mature leaves on the tree. 

Once the leaves have been chosen for the Kratom powder, they are left to dry. Again, depending on the strain, the drying period will differ. For White Vein Kratom Capsules, the leaves will be dried in a dark air-conditioned room, where for some other strains, they will be left out in the sun. In some cases, there are even Kratom strains requiring the leaves to be fermented first before further processing occurs. After the leaves have dried, they are ground down into a fine powder and eventually turned into the capsules that you see available online. In some scenarios, people will make their own capsules after buying a bulk amount of powder, although various problems can occur when taking this road. 

Forming Kratom Capsules

After the powder has been made, the capsules must be formed. Depending on the supplier, the methods used to create the capsules will vary. In most cases, they will use large encapsulation machines. These machines tend to be a hefty investment, but they allow the supplier to process many capsules in a short amount of time, guaranteeing that each dose has a precise amount of Kratom powder. As their measurements are so accurate, buying capsules from a supplier tends to be the best option rather than trying to make them yourself. If you are thinking about buying a large bag of Kratom powder and making these capsules yourself, you should know a bit about the process first before diving in headfirst. 

Manual encapsulation requires attention to detail and a surplus of time on your hands. If you are not patient, you probably don’t want to burden yourself with manual encapsulation. First, you will have to purchase a bulk amount of empty gel caps. These are relatively inexpensive, but as they are so small, they can be finicky to try and open and organize. Once you have these gel caps, you will have to use tiny spoons or measuring instruments to portion out each dose, which you must then fit into the capsule. Throughout this process, you are bound to make a mess while losing some valuable Kratom in the process. Not to mention, each capsule most likely will be different from one to the next as it can be very tricky to get them all the same. 

If you still want to give manual encapsulation a try despite the hardships, you should use an encapsulation tray. These trays make the process much easier, but not as simple as buying them straight from a supplier. The trays have a bunch of tiny holes perfect for the empty gel caps. Once you fill the tray with one half of the cap, you then spread the Kratom into the holes, ensuring that they are all even. Once they are full, you can add in the other half. Depending on the size of the tray you buy, you may be able to get batches of anywhere from 10-100 done in one time. While this method is better than putting the powder in yourself, it still does not provide you with the same precision as buying them from a reputable supplier.

Most Popular Kratom Capsules

Once you have decided that you will purchase your Kratom capsules already formed rather than encapsulating them yourself, you will be faced with several options to choose from. As most trustworthy suppliers will have various types of capsules for sale, it helps to know which ones are the most popular before settling on a choice. Check out some of the most purchased Kratom capsules below:

  • Red Bali Kratom Capsules

  • Green Malay Kratom Capsules

  • Red Maeng Da Kratom Capsules

  • Red Thai Kratom Capsules

  • Green Indo Kratom Capsules

  • Kratom Extract Capsules

Each of these capsule types is going to offer you a unique researching experience. The Kratom extract capsules will be more potent, so make sure that you check your label to understand just how much more strong they will be. The strength is usually denoted by a 2x or a 2:1 label. 

Buy Kratom Capsules Responsibly

When you are seeking out Kratom capsules, you should always investigate your supplier. Make sure they are running an ethical business and supporting their growers in Southeast Asia. While you may see some vendors marketing Kratom tablets, these tend to be chock full of other ingredients and chemicals and are nowhere near as pure as Kratom capsules. You can ensure you are finding the best products and steering clear of inferior counterfeits by doing your research. The purer your products, the more likely that your research will yield accurate results. As research can help improve Kratom’s reputation around the world, you will want it to be taken seriously by other Kratom enthusiasts worldwide. If you purchase Kratom responsibly, you can ensure that whatever you discover is better received by others in the Kratom sphere.