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What Does Kratom Have to Do with Coffee?

Jemi Fischbach

If you have been learning more about kratom and you are interested in trying it for yourself, you are not alone. Over the course of the past few years, more and more people have been discovering something that many people in Southeast Asia have known for a long time. Kratom has a range of effects and benefits that could be a good solution for people to add to their cupboard of supplements.

Of course, before taking kratom, it is natural that you want to know as much as possible about the substance as you can. While there has not been much done in the way of research on kratom at a clinical or laboratory level, the media has been covering the rise of kratom. This has helped to get the attention not just of potential buyers, but also those who finally want to research the substance.

While there are still many mysteries surrounding kratom, we do know quite a bit about the substance. For example, were you aware that there are similarities between kratom and coffee? It’s true.

The Relation Between Kratom and Coffee

These two substances have a familial relationship. The coffee plant (Coffea) and the kratom plant (mitragyna speciosa) are in the same family, Rubiaceae. While coffee might be a bush and kratom is a tree, they are related to one another. At first blush, this might seem like a huge similarity between the plants, it is important to remember that Rubiaceae is the fourth largest angiosperm family on the planet. There are around 13,500 species that share the family. Many of the plants that are in this family have interesting effects, including value from a medical perspective.

You will also find that the plants tend to like the same type of environment. Coffee and kratom will both thrive in warm areas, and both are found in places such as Southeast Asia. While there are some similarities between the two, it is also important to look at the differences.

The psychoactive profiles of coffee and kratom are different. The main alkaloid found in coffee is caffeine. The caffeine, as you are likely aware, is what provides the coffee with its stimulating properties. Coffee has other alkaloids in it including theophylline and theobromine. However, they are not as effective as caffeine.

Kratom features 25 alkaloids including mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, which are believed to be the biggest factors when it comes to the characteristics of the substance. With kratom, the alkaloids are found in the leaves. Leaves of the plant are quite large and can be up to 8” long and 5” wide, or even larger in some cases.

Interestingly, the age of the leaves is thought to determine the distribution and composition of the alkaloids. The age of the leaves also changes the vein color, which is how different colors of kratom are created.

White veins are the youngest, followed by green, and then red. Because the alkaloid composition is thought to be different at these different stages, it means that they can be harvested at various times to create kratom that produces certain effects. Let’s get a closer look.
White kratom is made using leaves that have white veins. These young leaves have an abundance of mitragynine. People who take this kratom say that it provides them with a stimulant effect. It’s used for energy. The indigenous people in the countries where kratom grows have used the leaves in tea and to chew on to provide this energizing effect for a long time. People who use the kratom also say that it can provide them with a greater ability to focus and be more productive.

The red kratom, which is made from fully mature leaves, tends to provide the opposite effect. The red kratom can provide a relaxing energy, and some have said that it calms. The green kratom falls in between these two in terms of effects. The composition of the alkaloids will determine the effects.
More Research Needs to Be Done

While more researchers are starting to look into kratom as an area of research, it still does not have enough of a body of research to make conclusions to the benefits it can offer. Hopefully, there will be additional research that can provide a better understanding of kratom to learn the benefits it can offer, how it might be able to help in the medical field, and whether there are any risks.

Additionally, the FDA does not regulate the production of kratom. It’s still the Wild West when it comes to kratom, and this means that some manufacturers are making and selling the product without using proper and safe protocols. For this reason, buyers should always make it a point to buy only from reputable sellers.

Always Buy the Best Quality

Research the company through which you will be buying your kratom. You want to learn not only the types of kratom that are available, but you also want to learn more about the process used in making it. Choose kratom from companies that use lab testing to ensure the safety and purity of their products. This ensures that the buyer will not have to worry about contaminants in the kratom, and it ensures that they are getting fresh, pure kratom that can provide the needed effects.

Today, you can buy kratom that is in capsule form, which is nice and convenient. You also have the option of buying kratom powder in bulk. This can help to save money, and it can make it easy for you to add the kratom to a drink, such as a smoothie or some tea. You could also take the bulk kratom and use it to fill capsules that you buy if you would like.

Take the time to explore the options we offer through our site. Find the kratom that you want to try and see how well it works for you. You might want to try a couple of different strains to see which one you prefer.

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