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Using Red Vein Kratom Powder To Make Tea

Jemi Fischbach

One of the most popular ways to use Kratom is through the brewing of tea. Many find this the most pleasant method, in comparison to other products for sale like capsules or extracts. Using Kratom for tea was one of the first ways that it was ever used. The indigenous communities in Southeast Asia, where Kratom is grown, would either chew the leaves or brew tea. Many of these communities made claims about the product, saying it could alleviate stress and improve focus.

As more people around the world learn about Kratom, an online community of Kratom advocates developed, who share recipes and experiences. Among these recipes are hundreds of teas, all using various types of Kratom. As there are several strains of Kratom, not everyone will be right for you. However, there is one strain of Kratom that has stood out amongst others when used for Kratom tea: Red Vein Leaf Powder.

Why Red Kratom?

Even though you can use pretty much any type of Kratom for the tea, Red Kratom has taken the stage among enthusiasts and those who have tried other formulations. Red Kratom tends to be the most potent, and since it is being diluted in tea, it is very effective. As there are several types of Red Kratom, you can always purchase a couple to figure out which one will be right for you.

The Red Strains

As you start to think about which red strain you will use for your Kratom tea, you will want to know which ones have stood out amongst the rest. Once you do some experimenting, you will be able to determine which ones meet your needs. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Red Vein Indo Kratom Powder
  • Red Maeng Da Powder
  • Red Vein Malay Capsules
  • Bali Red Vein Kratom Powder
  • Red Thai Kratom Powder
  • Sumatra Red Vein Kratom Powder

If you speak to a reputable retailer, they may be able to recommend some other strains if they can’t find you any of these.

Figuring Out The Right Dosage

One issue people run into when trying Kratom tea is figuring out how to determine the right dosage. As too much Kratom powder could be too potent and ruin the taste, you want to make sure you aren’t going overboard. The best way to prevent this from happening is to start with a low dose and move your way up. You can always add more, but you will have a hard time taking it away if you have already added the hot water.

Figuring out the right amount will depend on your weight, height, and experience with Kratom products. By starting low and going slow, you can expertly brew a tea unique to you.

Choosing A Traditional Tea Compliment

Many advocates have realized that you can enhance the flavor by adding traditional tea to the Kratom tea. As there are so many traditional tea leaves available, the possibilities are endless for creating a unique formulation. Those that tend to work best are mint, chai, and chamomile. Depending on when you are drinking the tea throughout the day, the traditional tea compliment you choose will differ.


Pure Red Leaf Kratom Tea

This recipe is one of the easiest as it does not require too much preparation. It is also a great way to experience the effects of pure Red Kratom.

Supplies: 2-3 cups of water, 2tbsp of lemon juice, tea strainer, Red Kratom, sweetener

Directions: Bring the water to a boil and reduce to a simmer while adding the lemon juice. As the water is simmering, add in the Kratom powder remembering to start with lower doses. Once it has simmered for at least ten minutes, you can strain, sweeten, and enjoy.

Energizing Mint Red Kratom Tea

If you want a morning boost or an afternoon refresher, this is the go-to recipe choice.

Supplies: 2-3 cups of water, mint tea leaves, sweetener, 2 tbsp of lemon juice, strainer, Red Kratom

Directions: Similar to the first method, boil the water and then reduce to a simmer. Add in the Kratom and simmer for 15 minutes before adding the lemon juice and mint tea. After simmering for a couple more minutes, you can strain, sweeten, and enjoy.

Creamy Masala Chai Red Kratom Tea

One of the most prized recipes online is this one. It combines the spicy flavors of chai with milk and other spices. Add in a little Kratom, and you enhance the entire concoction.

Supplies: 2-3 cups of water, 2-3 cups of milk, three cardamom seeds ground, a cinnamon stick, ⅓ of a vanilla bean, sweetener, chai tea bags, two cloves, strainer

Directions: Add water, chai tea, and all spices to the water. Once this mixture is boiling, let it boil for at least 3 minutes before reducing to a simmer and adding the milk. Depending on your preferences, you may choose to use only a small portion of the milk. You can then add in the Red Kratom powder (your desired amount) before sweetening and straining.

While each of these recipes is unique, there is one thing that reminds me of the constant: high-quality Red Vein Kratom Powder. If you purchase from a reputable supplier, you can guarantee that the product will be perfect for your next tea time.

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