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Understanding Maeng Da Kratom

Jemi Fischbach

When you look at any holistic substance, there are often various grades of quality available. While sometimes products are all the same, the multiple strains often have different traits that can affect their potency and quality, especially when it comes to Kratom. When you are buying health food products, you should ensure that you’re purchasing high-grade as you don’t want there to be any additives or chemicals that could cause an adverse reaction. Buying a higher grade also guarantees that the product has been processed correctly, and there will not be contamination.

Maeng Da

When looking at Maeng Da Kratom, people often covet it as the holy grail of Kratom. While it is a favorite among Kratom enthusiasts worldwide, people often don’t know what differentiates it from other strains of Kratom.

Maeng Da Kratom or “Maeng Da Thai Kratom” is a term used to describe Kratom that has been genetically grafted to create a strain that has the characteristics of multiple strains. Maeng Da is slang for “pimps grade,” so, in reality, the name itself refers to a top-quality product rather than a different type of plant that many people think. The higher-grade also means that Maeng Da is much more potent than other grades of Kratom.

The Process

Like other strains of Kratom, Maeng Da is available in variants, including white, red, and green. The thing that makes it stand out is the unique process involved in its creation. The grafting process involved in producing Maeng Da consists of taking the genetic characteristics from multiple types of Kratom to create a hybrid, super-strand. The grafting process consists of taking the upper plants and leaves from one plant and the lower roots from another. The two strains that horticulturists use to create Maeng Da were red vein and green. This unique combination produced a plant with the optimal alkaloid makeup.

Is Maeng Da The Best Kratom You Can Get?

Just like with other strains of Kratom, the quality depends on how it is grown. While Maeng Da takes two incredible kratom strains to create a better one, the plants used still need to be appropriately grown to get the highest quality possible. So it is possible to purchase lower-grade Maeng Da. However, it is much less common.

The reason why Maeng Da has such a stellar reputation is because of its origins in Thailand. The soil in Thailand injects more alkaloids into the plant, making it the perfect ground for growing. As the alkaloid makeup of the earth in Thailand is so coveted, farmers worldwide have been replicating these conditions so that Maeng Da can pretty much be grown anywhere around the world.

For the soil to be perfect, it must be adequately taken care of. This care involves regular watering and fertilizing so that the ground remains rich in nutrients. The better the soil, the more potent the final Maeng Da will be. Currently, you can purchase enhanced Maeng Da, which has been curated and grown in the best soil possible.

Choosing The Right Maeng Da Product

When you determine which product you want to buy, you can better figure out the correct amount for purchasing. Maeng Da Comes in various forms, just like regular Kratom. The most common that you will see at any retailer is going to be capsules and powders.


Each Maeng Da Capsules contains approximately 0.7g. Many people love these as they are straightforward to take and move around. Whether you are traveling or putting them in your bag for work, you can have these with you at all times. If you have never tried Maeng Da before, purchase a small bottle with about 25 doses. Once you figure out if you enjoy it or not, you can spend a bit more money and get a bag of more capsules.


Most people who are going to purchase Maeng Da in bulk quantities get the powder. One ounce is a fair starting amount to purchase, and after you give it a go, you can buy a larger bag around one pound. Depending on your needs and preferences, the amount you purchase will vary. The wonderful thing about the powder is that you can encapsulate it yourself, or make tea and other products.

The Maeng Da Difference

The primary quality of Maeng Da that sets it apart from other strains is its unique concentration of mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine. The more research is done to perfect the strain; the more likely this unique combination will change.

When you purchase Maeng Da either through an online vendor or at a specialized shop, you must make sure that it is high quality, and the dealer is reputable. Many people make the mistake of purchasing low-quality products, which can be dangerous, ineffective, and a waste of money. When you buy smart, you help support businesses that are trying their best to give Kratom the right name.

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