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Understanding Holistic Living And How To Start

Jemi Fischbach

All over the world, there are tons of trends that are growing increasingly more popular. With extreme global conditions like climate change, and pandemics, people are looking for ways to make a change in their lives to help contribute to a brighter future. Holistic living is all about living modestly with balance. Throughout America, generations have been so used to constant indulging. They have often failed to stop and consider the negative impacts it can have on each person’s body, mind, and spirit individually and the population as a whole. With a bit of determination and effort, you can live a holistic life, find balance, connect with nature, and adopt sustainable habits.

Holistic Person-To-Person

When starting your holistic journey, it is essential to remember that everyone’s experience will be different. Holistic for one person could be drastically different for another person. Depending on your preferences, current lifestyle, and goals, your version of holistic will be unique. For whatever version of holistic you are creating, the key is to nurture a balance between your environment and yourself. Achieving this is made possible by finding a balance between your spirit, body, and mind. Throughout your journey, you will come to notice that the best way to achieve this balance is by focusing on your health both physically and mentally and connecting them with nature. Through this grounding, self-focused work, you will gain a holistic life.

Slow & Steady

Achieving a holistic life is not going to happen overnight. It is going to take time and work. The best way to begin is to start with small changes. You don’t want to create a strict guideline and rulebook for your holistic journey, as swaying from this path may result in you becoming frustrated. Living holistically is about understanding your abilities and creating goals for yourself that are achievable—having unreal expectations often bring unwanted pressure, which can raise your stress level, having terrible effects on your mind and body.

Balance Inside Yourself

To find the balance within yourself, you need to assess your relationship with your external environment carefully. Are you someone who is on social media three hours a day? Do you excessively shop for goods that you soon throw out? Do you eat organic? While some things benefit the mind, like reading and connecting with friends, they don’t always positively affect the body. If you work out a ton and only focus on fitness, you are leaving your spirit deeply undernourished. In contrast, some people neglect all aspects of their life and devote themself to religion to feed their spirit, which can leave them very unbalanced.

The best way to assess your relationship with the outside world is through mindfulness. Mindfulness is a practice that involves living in the present moment and recognizing how your body feels moment to moment. Through continuous mindfulness, one can tune in on what they need spiritually, physically, and mentally to stay happy and fulfilled day-to-day.

Other practices like yoga and meditation are great ways to introduce yourself to mindfulness. These exercises focus on deep breathing and getting in touch with every part of your body. Some other ways that you can start balancing yourself are outlined below.

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables as these nutrients will support your wellness both mentally and physically. Try to make each plate colorful, balancing proteins, fats, and carbohydrates and lowering sugar intake across the board.
  • Engage in consistent physical activity. Many people adopt extreme diet and fitness regimes only to burn themselves out, so it is best to do something you enjoy, running, walking, dancing, or swimming.
  • Turn to natural health food products as these can often be instrumental in detoxing the body and combating various forms of bodily inflammation. If you visit your natural food store or Kratom dealer, you can ask the staff about the best products to use.

Once you start finding the balance between your mind, body, and spirit, you can find harmony with your external environment. Some great ways to find this harmony are outlined below.

  • Support sustainable practices by joining organizations, limiting your consumption of disposable goods, and reducing waste.
  • Step into nature regularly so you can connect with the earth. While you’re out, try and pick up trash, and respect the land.
  • Get friends on board with your new life. You can create a litter collecting group, a communal garden, or a weekly nature walking group.

Finding balance is in your hands. If you make an effort to be mindful of your behavior and reactions moment-to-moment, you will start to understand what your mind and body needs and what they don’t. Plant-based foods and medicinal remedies can be useful in your holistic journey, so try some out. Products like Kratom may be a great way to jump-start your holistic life and get you more connected with your inner self.

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