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The Mystery of Yellow Kratom

Jemi Fischbach

Kratom was once a mystery to the Western world. Ancient indigenous communities throughout Southeast Asia used Kratom for various medicinal purposes. These communities would chew on the leaves or brew them into tea. They claim that the plant could help alleviate stress and improve focus.

Over time, Western countries began to learn of the ancient botanical, and popularity grew. Now worldwide, Kratom is a highly regarded substance, especially in the United States. Despite the claims made by the indigenous communities in Southeast Asia, there is still harsh pushback from the FDA.

Most of the information circulating Kratom focuses on the various strains and forms available. While many of these strains range from red, green, and white, there is little information about yellow.

Within Kratom circles, enthusiasts often speak of yellow Kratom as the Holy Grail. Many don’t fully understand what makes it so unique, and there are several theories out there.

The Origins of Yellow Kratom

Just like most of the strains of Kratom you see online, yellow Kratom also comes from Southeast Asia. While many know it comes from the mitragyna speciosa tree, differing theories exist on how it is made.

The first theory focuses on the harvesting time of the leaves. The theory is that rather than take the leaves earlier, they are left on the tree until the latest possible time, and then they are picked.

The second theory is that all three strains, green, white, and red, are blended together. Once the leaves are mixed, they are then fermented and dried, and ground into yellow Kratom.

The third, and most common, theory is that yellow Kratom is a result of an extended drying period. Rather than grind them when other strains would generally be ground, extra time is given.

Currently, there is very little research supporting any of these claims. While the third theory is the most common, significant scientific research must be conducted to substantiate it. Currently, within the United States, the FDA has limitations in place preventing many vendors from speaking openly about Kratom.

These limitations are responsible for holding research efforts and creating unnecessary obstacles. Once these bans are lifted, more information can be discovered, and hopefully, a clearer picture of yellow Kratom can be painted.

Even though there is not a lot of information, there are still many vendors who sell yellow Kratom. As these vendors don’t have a lot of information, it’s sometimes risky to buy it. Most reputable vendors will sell the other strains and wait to sell yellow Kratom until more information comes to light.

The Potential Effects of Yellow Kratom

There are some claims of the potential benefits of yellow Kratom by users. Despite this anecdotal evidence, there is still more research needed to come to a clear conclusion.

To better understand the potential effects of yellow Kratom, it is best to look at the other strains’ effects first.

The most mature leaves of the Kratom tree are made into red vein Kratom. Red vein Kratom can be relaxing, and people claim it helps them relax. It is known as the most popular strain.

White vein Kratom, on the other hand, is more stimulating. Some people incorporate this in their morning to jump-start their day.

Green vein Kratom offers a peaceful balance between these two strains. Some people like to aromafy this when doing work to help improve focus and concentration.

Even though there are many claims of these effects throughout Kratom circles, there is still more research needed. Many vendors cannot speak openly about what Kratom does, so it is up to you to search online forums and contact Kratom advocacy organizations. The American Kratom Association is an excellent resource for learning more about the various strains and their potential effects.

What About Yellow Kratom?

Some evidence alludes to the fact that yellow Kratom has similar effects to the green-veined varieties. Some others also claim it can relax the mind and improve focus and concentration. Many seek out yellow Kratom for a superior experience. For Kratom beginners who are learning and want to dip their toes into this new world, this is the best option.

Why Don’t Many Vendors Sell Yellow Kratom?

You may peruse an online store and find it challenging to locate some yellow Kratom. Many reputable vendors do not sell yellow Kratom because there is not enough information regarding its efficacy. Reputable vendors only sell the strains which they know more about.

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