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White Kratom Starter Pack

If you are new to Kratom, or simply a new customer to Sacred Kratom and would like to try out White strains, then this starter pack is perfect for you. White Starter Pack contains:

1oz (28g) of White Maeng Da

1oz (28g) of Borneo White

This White Starter Pack is generously discounted and the powders contained are considered our premium White strains – which happen to be some of our top sellers as well.

IMPORTANT: All of our products are regularly tested by a third party for heavy metals content (Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury), microbial safety, yeast, mold,  E. coli and Salmonella. It is important to note that all the information provided is strictly for informational purposes, and according to botanical research. While Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is recognized in many cultures, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) strictly prohibits internal use of this herb. 

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28 reviews for White Kratom Starter Pack

  1. Todd

    This is a great product to try if you’ve never tried white vein this is a must try

  2. Todd

    This is a great product to try if you’ve never tried white vein this is a must try

  3. Amanda (verified owner)

    I just found this website, so I thought I would try them out. I’ve read a lot of the reviews and it sounds like Sacred is a great company!

  4. Amanda (verified owner)

    This is the first time I tried Sacred Kratom, but I love their products! Definently ordering again!

  5. Shauna (verified owner)

    This is the best Kratom I have tried so far. Also, Sacred Kratom is a great site to order from

  6. Brad (verified owner)

    White strain is the best and this combo doesn’t get any better

  7. Ryan

    This starter pack is good for people need to Kratom. I suggest the green personally, but also think you should always try different blends and flavors.

  8. Kua (verified owner)

    This aroma helps so much with depression and pain.

  9. Lisa (verified owner)

    I’m a huge fan of white strains. Everyone always says maeng da is the best but I’ve never been that impressed. However, getting this pack allowed me to try the maeng da strain without feeling like I’ve wasted my money (my favorite is white Borneo), and finally I found out what the big deal is with maeng da. It’s amazing from this site. I’m grateful I found this site. Always impressed!

  10. Tina

    I personally love the white strains, as they have a great energetic and positive uplifting effects. It’s a MUST TRY for first timers!

  11. Tammy (verified owner)

    I burned my first aroma this morning and within 15 minutes started to feel mind clarification. My pain in my arm and back has gone away! This is life changing!

  12. jamminfool

    …and I decided to try the White Starter Pack. Great deal, both strains are making my day to day *much* more tolerable,, and I am now kicking myself for not doing this sooner! Will be getting the Red Starter Pack next…must explore and find the type that works best for me! This plant is MIRACULOUS!!!

  13. Timothy (verified owner)

    …and after some research decided to start off with the White Starter Pack. Awesome deal, and I am now kicking myself for not taking the plunge sooner! Red Starter pack is coming up next, hoping everything I’ve read about the reds is true…though the white borneo is pretty amazing! Sacred Kratom rules!