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Other Natural Products Great For Kratom Lovers

Jemi Fischbach

If you have enjoyed the effects of Kratom, you may be interested in adding more natural products into your regimen. Often searching for natural products can be challenging as there are so many available. Depending on your specific needs and wants in therapeutic remedies, your needs may vary drastically from someone else. With more reports coming out about the intense chemicals used in western medicine, there are a ton more people looking for natural ways to soothe their health woes.

What Are You Replacing?

If you are looking for other products to take Kratom’s place, you may be out of luck. Kratom is a unique substance that has specific effects on the body. While you can not replace the substance entirely, you can try out some other natural products that provide similar results to Kratom, but you often will have to take many more to get all the desired effects. If there are specific aspects of Kratom that you are looking to replicate, you must first identify those. Once you know what you are hoping to replace, you can better start searching for other natural products on the market.

Most Popular Alternatives

As there are tons of people looking for these alternatives, various popular ones have come to light. These tend to be the most favorites by Kratom enthusiasts as there are aspects similar to Kratom. As previously noted, you may need to carefully plan out what you want to experience to better tailor the new natural products you start to incorporate into your regime.

Kava Kava

Kava kava is a favorite among many Kratom enthusiasts as it helps to promote relaxation, lower anxieties, and foster a calm mind. You can easily purchase kava kava at many health food stores. As it affects the GABA system in the human body, it can sometimes have very sedating effects.

White Willow Bark

This substance has been used by many for centuries to help relieve any pains in the body. This bark is actually used to create salicylic acid used as an analgesic and an ingredient in various skincare products, and aspirin. While you can take aspirin, your body often will develop a tolerance to it.


Cannabis is one of Kratom lovers’ more popular products as it is effective in promoting a state of relaxation. As THC products are not legal in many places, it can often be challenging to acquire, and there are sometimes negative consequences associated with purchasing and using.


Unlike THC, CBD from cannabis does not have the euphoric effects, but it still effectively delivers all the plant’s therapeutic elements. Many people who do not desire the THC effects will seek out CBD for relaxation, sleep-aid, or pain. Depending on where you purchase your products, the consistency may be unpredictable as there are regulations on this substance.


Guarana is an ingredient you may see listed on the back of many energy drinks. It has a ton of caffeine and comes from a plant in the same family as coffee and Kratom. The beans of these plants have almost twice the amount of caffeine as those from coffee. Guarana, unlike CBD or THC, is easily accessible at any health food store.

Wild Lettuce

Another plant that is used in a wide variety of homeopathic remedies is wild lettuce or Lactuca Virosa. This plant grows throughout America and is commonly thought of as a weed you would find on your lawn. The liquid in the stems is extracted into a tincture and can sometimes produce euphoria or manage pain.

Mitragyna Javanica & Mitragyna Hirsuta

These plants are in the same family as Kratom and have compounds similar to those in Kratom. If you live in an area where it is challenging to get Kratom, you may have great difficulty getting these.

Keep A Kratom Supply

As you can see, while offering some therapeutic benefits, these products do not provide all the effects you would typically get with Kratom. You may end up spending a ton of money purchasing all these products just so that you can get the same results as one single dose of Kratom. As you can buy Kratom in some places for research purposes in the USA, it may be the best option for you as a natural product.

Ensure that when you are purchasing Kratom, it is high quality, and the vendor is reputable. Not all vendors will have your best interest in mind, and as such, you need to ensure that they are taking all the necessary steps throughout production. You can count on the experts at a reputable store for the best product. The products are all lab-tested and guaranteed to be the highest quality product you can buy.

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