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Making Your Own Kratom Capsules: Is It Worth It?

Jemi Fischbach

One of the biggest trends sweeping the nation is DIY. People love getting together with friends and family and making goods. From home fragrances and floor cleaners to furniture. The primary reason why so many people choose DIY is for savings. They feel that they can cut some costs by putting in a bit of labor themselves. For Kratom enthusiasts, several DIY projects can be fruitful, but sometimes you need to carefully assess whether making goods like DIY Kratom soaps or DIY capsules is worth it.

Ancient Roots

Kratom has a centuries-old history—with the indigenous peoples of Southeast Asia, using the leaves from the mitragyna speciosa tree in all kinds of medicinal healing practices. With claimed abilities to heighten focus, minimize pain, and prolong productivity, Kratom has become a widely coveted substance in these communities and now worldwide. As the locals in Southeast Asia once reaped the benefits by chewing on the plant’s leaves, now with modern technology, Kratom enthusiasts can enjoy the simplicity of taking a Kratom capsule. The question is: should you buy your capsules, or make them yourself?

Kratom Today

Kratom today takes many forms. These forms make it easy for people to use and transport Kratom from extracts and powders to teas and capsules. The ease of use benefits a vast majority of people because they don’t have to adjust their lifestyle to use it. Throughout the USA and many other countries, there is heightened stress on working as much as possible and leading lives that are very busy. If you live this way, it can be challenging to incorporate new health food products unless they come in a convenient form such as this.

As capsules are so convenient, more people are wondering if they can make themself. While there are ways to make your Kratom capsules, it can often be challenging, and you need a few materials to get started.

How Capsules Are Made Today

The Kratom capsules that you see at reputable vendor’s stores are made using industrial-sized encapsulation machines. These are very expensive and large, so they are not the best for people who are looking to DIY. These machines work by taking the empty capsule apart, sliding in the loose powder, and then re-piecing them together. They can usually process hundreds within just a few minutes. If you are going to make them yourself, it is going to take you much longer.

When people are making DIY Kratom capsules, they usually go about it in two ways. The first way is by purchasing the empty capsules and hand filling them. For this method, you take apart the capsules, scoop in a small amount of Kratom and then put the cap back on. It would be best if you used a tiny little scoop for this or a piece of paper. Beware, it can be very time-consuming. As the capsule is so small, you may waste a lot of the product throughout the process.

The second method that DIYers use involves a special capsule filling tray. These trays usually consist of anywhere from 30-200 small holes that fit perfectly into a capsule. You put half of the capsule in each hole and then fill the tray with your Kratom. You then spread the Kratom throughout the tray, like you would filling an ice-cube tray and finish off by placing the caps on. Some people prefer this method because they don’t waste as much product and it is a bit quicker.

Most Common Problems People Run Into

If you attempt to make your own Kratom capsule, you can expect to run into various issues. One of the primary problems is inconsistency. People who choose DIY Kratom capsules over store-bought can’t guarantee that the dose will be the same each time. Professionals make sure that Kratom’s correct amount is in each capsule by measuring the weight using very precise instruments.

If you are thinking about using Kratom for therapeutic purposes when you go to have one of your DIY capsules, you may not have it affect you, or it affects you too much. Every time you go to take one, it is like playing Russian roulette. With this risk, along with the potential to waste product and time, DIY capsules can sometimes be too much work.

If you reach a point and think that you are going to make capsules anyways, you should always make sure to do it in clean areas. You don’t want to contaminate the capsules, so wear gloves and sanitize your instruments first.

Buy From A Trustworthy Source

While DIY can be fun for making some goods, it can be cumbersome and risky if you choose the wrong goods to DIY. When using Kratom, it is best to buy your capsules from a trustworthy source so you can guarantee high-quality, lab-tested products. Check out a reputable dealer’s products as they are among the highest quality you can purchase.

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