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Liquid Kratom: What Is It & How Is It Made?

Jemi Fischbach

One product that is starting to emerge more now than ever before is liquid Kratom. While many suppliers are only selling powders, some offer up liquid versions. While some of these products can be a great way to enjoy the Kratom experience, other products like Kratom shots can be unpredictable, especially when purchasing from an unreliable source. The most common form of liquid Kratom would be tea. Many enthusiasts and researchers make tea their primary method of using the substance in terms of liquid forms.

These teas are generally reasonably safe, especially when you use the powder you bought from a trustworthy source. Other products, like the shots, can contain other unknown or chemically-enhanced ingredients, which can make them unsafe, posing various health risks. When choosing liquid Kratom products, it is up to you to make the right choice. The best way to prevent a disastrous situation is by sticking with pure Kratom powder from a trustworthy dealer.

Liquid Extract

While many of the Kratom extracts you see available at retailers come in powder form, some will sell liquid extracts. These extracts are made in a variety of ways. Still, the most common type involves using ethanol to extract the plant’s active components and create an extremely concentrated mixture that you can quickly drop into a glass of water. Using ethanol can take a long time, but the final product is convenient to use.

The other way to create a liquid extract is by boiling Kratom powder until a thick paste is formed. Once this dries, the paste can be dissolved in hot water to make a potent elixir. When you make this yourself, it can be risky, as you may not know how to get the measurements right. Similarly, if you buy a Kratom liquid extract, you can’t be sure what other ingredients are included.

The Tinctures

The tinctures that you see for sale are made using ethanol. These can be a reliable form of liquid Kratom if you ensure the supplier runs an ethical business and does not cut their product with synthetic additives. If you have made tinctures before, you might create this product on your own using ethanol and water. However, if you have never done it before, it can be risky. Make sure to speak to your supplier about the tinctures and DIY methods beforehand so that you don’t end up formulating something dangerous.

Liquid Shots

Kratom liquid shots can be misleading. They are marketed to look like the small energy drink shots you often see at the checkout counter at grocery stores or gas stations. These small Kratom shots will contain various energy-boosting substances like caffeine and ginseng along with some amount of Kratom. However, what makes these products risky is that many companies will add in other ingredients that could be bad for your health, and often, the amount of Kratom they include is too much.

The Journal of Medical Toxicology recorded a batch of Kratom shots containing nearly 8000x the amount of mitragynine in Kratom leaf. A Kratom leaf contains 23.8mcg, whereas this drink contained 190.7 nanograms.

As there are regulatory barriers in the USA, there is not ample information out there to know the exact risk this poses. Some experts believe, at this amount, it can become very addictive. It could also be potentially dangerous. In Sweden, nine people died after consuming a Kratom shot batch that contained O-desmethyltramadol (an opioid-based analgesic).

When purchasing a substance you don’t know a lot about, it is best to proceed cautiously. Stick to products that you know and trust as well as suppliers that you know and trust. Pure Kratom powder is a great way to experience the alkaloids’ benefits. If you want to try liquid Kratom, then make a tea.

Even if a product seems safe to use, you can never be sure. By starting your Kratom journey at an experienced and reputable supplier’s store, you can keep yourself away from any dangers.

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