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Let’s Talk Kratom (or not, as the case may be).

Jemi Fischbach

If you take a look around our site, or for that matter any Kratom site, you would be forgiven for thinking that some of the articles are a little ‘light’ on information. And of course, you would be right, but believe us when we say there is a lot more information we would love to give you; however, our hands are effectively tied from talking about the benefits and effects of Kratom.

The reason behind this is the ongoing regulation imposed by the FDA, which prevents us from giving customers anything but a very broad description of what it is we sell, and what it can do for you.

Luckily, we have found that fans of Kratom, or those with an interest in it, are pretty well-versed in the effects and benefits thanks to their own research, so when they come to us they already have a fairly good idea of what it is they want.

We are building a library of informative articles which appear, or will appear, on our site, and we invite you to take the time to read through these so that you can gain an even greater understanding of Kratom, but it is imperative that you conduct your own research outside this site to further your knowledge, too.

It is especially important that you look into each different strain so that you can begin to build a ‘who’s who’ of Kratom; a knowledge of not only the benefits and effects of each vein, but also the differences between regions so that, when you want a particular aroma, you will know exactly which strain or strains to look for.


It is extremely frustrating for those of us in the industry to not be able to adequately advertise our products, because we know without a shadow of a doubt the benefits which Kratom has brought to us, and not being able to share that information is exasperating to say the least. Unfortunately the FDA has complete control over what we can or can’t share – we can’t, for instance, tell you that Kratom will ‘do’ anything. So while we are limited in our ability to advise on specifics, what we CAN do is try to steer our customers in the right direction so that they can glean that information for themselves.

As frustrating as it is, we will ALWAYS adhere to the rules and abide by the legislation set out by the FDA because we are a responsible company and will always strive to provide a genuine service to our customers, both current and potential. Our aim, and that of any legitimate Kratom company, is to showcase Kratom as the beneficial product we believe it to be, and adhering to the FDA’s legislation goes a long way towards that end.


Of course, while our hands are tied, other people’s are not. There is a wealth of information out there by people not in the industry who are free to discuss and educate with their own evidence because they are not selling products, they are merely sharing their own experiences, and many of these accounts are by people who really know their stuff.

We cannot, for instance, make claims that Kratom will rid you of anxiety, but there will be stories out there by people who say it has done something, and within those articles, reviews, and blog posts will be a wealth of information about what strain they purchased. What we would say, however, is to take your time and read several (or as many as you can find) articles on the same subject because that way you will soon see a common thread as to the benefits and effects of any given strain.

And Finally…

We as a company and as an industry can only do so much while staying within the boundaries of the law, so a lot of the responsibility lies with you, the customer. We will advise and guide, but the more research you can do, the better it will be not just for yourself, but for the industry as a whole. More information needs to be put out there which we, for the foreseeable future at least, just cannot do.

But you can.

By doing your own research you will be in a better position to make the right choices for you, and then you can help to spread the word by adding your voice to the collective library of information out there which does lie outside the remit of the FDA.

Together we can do this.

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