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Learn About Kratom Tea & How To Make It Yourself

Jemi Fischbach

Making Kratom tea is an ode to Southeast Asian communities who make the tea as part of their traditional medicinal practices. Kratom tea was one of the first ways the alkaloids’ effects were enjoyed, along with chewing at the leaves. Kratom enthusiasts tend to enjoy this preparation mode, as it is relatively straightforward and does not require too much knowledge of other processing techniques or equipment. When you first attempt to make Kratom tea at home, it may take you a couple of times to get it right, but you will be a Kratom tea master with a bit of experimentation.

What Is In Kratom Tea?

Kratom tea is generally a mixture of hot water, Kratom powder, and another tea of your choice. Some people will use the leaves from the tree to make their tea rather than the powder, but this tends to brew a weaker concoction, and the raw leaves are not always easy to come by. If you can get your hands on some leaves, there has been anecdotal evidence to suggest that teas containing the powder and the leaves provide a delightful experience. These are then combined with either black, green, oolong, or other tea types you generally would make.

Extracts Vs. Teas

Extracts are made from the powder, but they are cooked for long periods until a thick, concentrated substance is formed. These are much stronger and tend to contain at least double the number of active components as standard powders. When you are making your tea, you should be using the powder rather than the extracts as the extracts tend to be too strong, and using them for tea can have unpredictable results.

Brewing The Tea

Making Kratom tea is relatively straightforward; you just need to make sure that you get the measurements right so that the final product does not come out too strong. You should start by gathering your materials, a kettle, water, Kratom powder, a tea of choice, honey (or another sweetener), and a measuring cup or spoons.

When making Kratom tea, it is important that you use water that is not too hot, as it can affect the substance’s chemical structure. As you would with other teas, tailor the temperature to the other tea you choose. For example, choose the brewing temperature you would for oolong if you are using oolong.

  1. Begin by measuring out a half gram of Kratom powder. Add this to a mug and boil your water.
  2. Once the water is boiled, let it sit until it cools to your desired temperature. You can then pour 1 cup of hot water into the Kratom.
  3. Once the Kratom is mixed in, take your tea of choice and let it steep in the mixture.
  4. You can then add honey, maple syrup, monk sugar, or an alternative sweetener of your choice.

Can You Buy Kratom Tea Already Brewed?

While the odd supplier will sell Kratom tea already brewed, it is not too common. The best way to ensure high-quality tea is first to buy high-quality Kratom powder. When you work with a supplier running an ethical and sustainable business, you know that their product will be perfect for making your home-brew tea. It will also safeguard you from buying a counterfeit product.

While you may not get your first batch quite the way you want, if you add in more hot water or choose a different tea, you will eventually find a mixture that suits your taste buds. Once you find the right proportions, you will know what to do to make the perfect cup of tea every time. Make sure right down the measurements once you get it right!

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