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Accredited Testing for Kratom – is it Necessary?

Jemi Fischbach

Whether you have used Kratom before, or are just thinking about it and, quite rightly, doing your research as thoroughly as you can, you might be wondering whether you should bother looking for a company which uses testing from accredited labs.

In short, the answer is a resounding ‘YES’.

That’s the short answer.

But you’re a curious sort, so here’s why we’re so emphatic on this very important question.

Pretty much everything we, the public, use has (or should have) been through rigorous testing to ensure that it’s safe, not only for us but also for the world around us. Plus, we want to know that we’re actually getting what we think we’re getting, right? Anyone can bottle something and make claims about its ingredients and properties, but how, as a lay person, do you know that any of their claims are true?

Yup…accredited testing.

Why Accredited?

Well, just like any company can make claims about its products, any lab can make claims about its testing, so you need to ensure that the lab is an accredited one. This means that the lab itself will have been put through a thorough inspection by the International Organization for Standardization, and the International Electro technical Commission, or ISO/IEC. The purpose of this testing is to ensure that the lab in question meets certain standards of safety, and indeed, even the accredited body used for carrying out any inspections will also have gone through their own stringent testing.

It gives you peace of mind.

Any lab which abides by ISO/IEC testing agrees to be put through rigorous proficiency testing processes, which are carried out in situ, and which encompass all areas of the business, including but not limited to equipment, staff, record keeping, expertise, and quality assurance.

When you are looking for a mark of accredited testing, you are likely to see the numbers ‘17025:’ followed by a year, which indicates that the testing has been updated to the most recent year of requirements.

But What is There to Test For in Kratom?

It’s a plant, right? So what’s there to test for?

Actually, quite a lot. Any company worth their salt will want to ensure that they are sourcing their products from the best possible suppliers, and in turn pass on those benefits to you, the customer.

Kratom contains two very important alkaloids – mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine – as well as other alkaloids. Without those components, Kratom would lose its efficacy, so testing ensures that not only are they present, but also in what percentages, because you want to know what you’re purchasing. In addition to these alkaloids, we want to apprise ourselves of every other part of the Kratom we use and sell on to you, as well as ensure that there are no ‘nasties’ involved, such as heavy metals or bacteria.

So You’re Looking Out For Us?

Absolutely! Our customers are essential to our success, so we want to make sure that we are supplying you with gold standard products – after all, when you’re happy, we’re happy. By ensuring that we use accredited lab-testing, we know we are passing on those benefits and peace of mind to you, and you can relax and enjoy your Kratom, knowing that you’ve got the very best!

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