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Kratom Questions? Check Out These FAQs

Jemi Fischbach

When herbal medicines and holistic substances start to grow in popularity, there tends to be a plethora of questions that arise. People often want to know all the information concerning these substances to determine better if it is going to be suitable for their lifestyle. Within the last decade, there has been a tremendous shift in people’s thinking, and they are now seeking out more holistic treatments to their medical woes. While western medicine has its advantages, homeopathic and naturopathic remedies can often be just as, or more effective, depending on the sickness in question and the patient.

When looking at the natural substance Kratom, which comes from the mitragyna speciosa tree, there is a lot of confusion. A majority of this confusion stems from the fact that it is only legal in some states and cities within America. While some places don’t allow Kratom, it does not mean that it can’t be a useful substance for you.

Some answers to FAQs are outlined below to help you get a better grasp on the mitragyna speciosa plant, Kratom strains, and the different products available.

What Are The Origins Of Kratom?

The mitragyna speciosa tree can be found in tropic and subtropic areas around the globe. The most common location where this tree grows is in Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. There are also locations throughout South America, including Colombia and Venezuela, where the mitragyna speciosa tree grows.

Kratom is made from grinding up the dry leaves from the mitragyna speciosa tree. Communities around the world, where these trees grow, discovered that the leaves could have a stimulating and medicinal effect on people who ingest their tea. Depending on when the leaves are harvested from the tree, the Kratom effects will vary.

More people are hearing about Kratom and wanting to reap its benefits, and thus, it has triggered global interest in growing it. While farmers try to grow it outside of its native land, the best Kratom comes from Southeast Asia.

Can I Cultivate Kratom At Home?

For someone to grow the mitragyna speciosa tree in their own home, it requires a great deal of diligence, commitment, and consistent conditions. As mentioned above, the tree thrives in humid and nutrient-dense soil, so if you live somewhere that tends to get cold in the winter, it can be very challenging to find a space where you can regulate the temperature and humidity levels year-round.

Many farmers trying to grow mitragyna speciosa on their land tend to run into an onslaught of issues and often waste copious amounts of money and time. As the Kratom trees do the best in their home soil, it is almost always recommended for people who want to utilize Kratom, to contact a trustworthy vendor in a state where it is legal. These vendors often work with the communities where it is grown in Southeast Asia, practicing fair trade, so that consumers in America can reap the Kratom benefits the most ethical way possible.

Do Kratom Strains Have Different Effects?

You may notice that when you are perusing a Kratom vendor’s website that there are often several different strains, or colors available. These strains and colors are developed throughout the cultivation process. When a mitragyna speciosa tree grows leaves, their color will change throughout maturity. Following its original ripe green color, the leaves will turn red, followed by a different green, then brown and yellow. The time when a farmer harvests the blades affects the potency and alkaloid makeup of the plant. Different alkaloid makeups tend to offer variances in the consumer experience.

The strains that consumers tend to see most often are red, white, and green. These are determined by the color of the leaf stem, or vein, and it’s blade at the time of its harvest. With additional curing and drying out processes performed, the farmer further takes control of the alkaloid makeup to tailor the final product better.

What Kind Of Kratom Products Should I Buy?

When it comes down to purchasing a Kratom product that will be right for you, consider the various forms available. One of the most popular forms is capsules. After Kratom leaves are refined and ground into powder, this powder is then encapsulated. People find this the easiest way to enjoy the benefits of Kratom.

You can, however, also opt for a Kratom extract made from pressing the powder or purchasing the powder raw in a tea, or smoothie. The form you choose all depends on your desired level of convenience. Sometimes powders can be cumbersome, but usually, you can get bulk amounts.

By speaking to a reputable Kratom vendor, you can guarantee that your chosen product will fit your lifestyle perfectly. Usually, they will have all forms available and can outline which is best for you.

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