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Kratom & Drug Tests: Should You Be Worried?

Jemi Fischbach

There may be concerns about whether or not Kratom will show up for people who have an upcoming drug test. Whether it’s because of a new job or a background check, the general consensus is that it will not be detected. Many of the tests do not include the Kratom alkaloid in the testing procedure, and thus In most circumstances, you don’t need to worry.

When determining if Kratom will be included in a drug test, you need to think about the area where you live and who may be doing a test. As some places within the United States currently ban Kratom use, having a test in one of these areas presents a more likely situation where Kratom would be included. Even though it is more likely, it is still not that high of a chance.

Standardized Tests Don’t Include Kratom

A drug test is designed to test for many different substances at once. These tests are mass-produced and often include a standardized list of substances. There are usually two main types of standard tests: a urine test and a blood test. As these tests can be expensive to administer, having a standard list of substances makes them more cost-effective. If the person administering the test wants to add additional substances to the testing list, it will cost more money.

As it is more expensive to add in another substance, most people will not spend the time or the money to add in the Kratom alkaloid. If the Kratom alkaloid was going to be tested for, it would usually be a designated test. In most cases, you would be aware that this is what they were testing for. As many employers don’t know what Kratom is or care if employees are using it, you do not have to worry.

The five common categories on most drug tests are methamphetamines, amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, and opioids.

If the employer has the resources, they may administer a 10-panel test. It will include barbiturates, benzodiazepines, designer drugs like MDMA, ethanol, and prescription opioids. As you can see from this list, Kratom is not included.

Should You Still Be Worried?

Even though Kratom is not included in a standardized test, you still need to think about two factors. The first will be who is administering the test, and the second will be where the test is happening. If you investigate these two factors, you can determine whether or not Kratom will be included in your upcoming drug test. If you are still anxious, the best thing to do is avoid using Kratom before one of these tests.

Who Is Administering the Test?

Suppose the person administering the test is a parole officer, or someone is hiring for you for a job in a government position. In that case, they may have the resources to add other substances to the list, and that may include Kratom. However, in most cases, it won’t be the case.

If you are worried, you can speak to the person and figure out what substances they are looking for in the test. If it is discovered that it will be tested for, you should stop using Kratom several weeks beforehand.

Where Is the Test Being Administered?

One of the most important things to consider when an upcoming drug test is on the horizon is where the test is being held. Even though Kratom is primarily legal in the U.S., some states and cities have banned Kratom. In these parts of the country, there may be some people testing for the substance.

Within the United States, even though there are federal and state-level bans, some individual states and cities have put in their own bans. These places include Arkansas, Alabama, Indiana, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin.

Some of the municipalities that have also banned Kratom are San Diego County in California and Sarasota, Florida. There are also restrictions in Illinois and New York, where an age requirement must be met to purchase Kratom.

If you were getting a test in one of these areas, you might want to refrain from using Kratom beforehand. While it is improbable they will be testing for Kratom; you should still be taking precautions.

Kratom has a half-life of about 24 hours, which means it will be in your system for at least a week. If you refrain from using Kratom for several weeks before a drug test, you can rest assured that it will not be detected.

Stay Safe Buy from a Reputable Source

If you want to make sure you’re always using Kratom safely, you should buy your product from a reputable source. Even though you can get a cheap product somewhere like a gas station, the best place is from an online store with experience and credibility.

The best way to play it safe when it comes to drug tests is to stop using Kratom. While it is highly unlikely it will be tested for it; you don’t want to end up in a troubling situation or heighten your anxiety.

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