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Identifying & Using Kratom Powder

Jemi Fischbach

For most people looking to use Kratom for research purposes, and even for enthusiasts who have been using the product for a long time, Kratom powder tends to be the most popular product. The powder is the most common form and tends to be the base format used to create the other Kratom products that you see available at various outlets. However, some products look similar to the powder, which can be confusing.

The Powder

As the Kratom tree grows, it produces large leaves. These leaves are then harvested and used to make the powder. Once the grower determines that the leaves are ready to be harvested, they are hand-picked from the tree and then left to dry. After the leaves have dried thoroughly, they can be ground down into a fine powder form. A reputable supplier will ensure that further inspection is done, to prevent any contaminants from being added to the product before it is added to a store shelf. Many suppliers will then take this powder and repackage it for sale, either as a powder, as capsules, as tea, or as further processed extracts.

Is Powder The Same As Extract?

Powders and extracts are not the same. They may look the same, but they are entirely different products, and mistaking one for the other could put you in a precarious position seeing as the extracts are much more potent.

The most common method for making the extract is done using the powder. The powder is combined with water, boiled, and then strained. The dark paste left behind is dried and ground into a dark powder (the extract). This extract will have double or more of the regular Kratom’s active components, and the inert plant material will have been removed. Many people will reach for extracts at the store because they offer more potency.

It is essential that when you approach a retailer or online store that you are fully aware of what kind of product you are buying. If you buy an extract thinking it is a powder, you could be using far too much. In most cases, a retailer will have the strength denoted on the package, either labeling it as 2x or 2:1.

What Should You Do With The Powder?

The powder is a highly versatile product, which is why so many people continue to buy this product. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose to use powder however you wish. The three most common ways to use it are outlined below.


Many Kratom retailers will sell capsules, which are the powder that is then added to a gel cap. In some instances, researchers and customers will buy bulk powder and choose to encapsulate the powder themselves. Capsules are a convenient way to ensure you are getting the same amount of Kratom in each dose. They are also straightforward to transport from one place to the next.


Teas can be made using the Kratom powder by simply adding a small amount of the powder to hot water. You can also combine this with other teas you love and add in any additional sweeteners. Some researchers believe this to be an effective way to experience the substance’s effects, while others find the taste a bit too much to handle. Try and decide for yourself.

Smoothies or Food

By adding Kratom powder to your food, you don’t have to taste it, but you can still experience the effects. Make sure that you start with a small amount and go from there. Many people like to add to smoothies, combining with other health food products to create an energy-boosting concoction.

Don’t Smoke It

You may be tempted to buy Kratom for smoking, but you should not. It can be very dangerous and pose various health risks.

When buying Kratom, always make sure the dealers are reputable. Speak to your supplier about the ways to use Kratom if you have any questions. By using the powder responsibly, you ensure your safety and a positive Kratom reputation.

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