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Get To Know Kratom Extracts

Jemi Fischbach

If you are looking for one of Kratom’s most potent forms, the extracts are your best bet. These extracts have high doses of the active compounds inherent to Kraton, and can provide you with various benefits that you won’t get when purchasing the powder. While all Kratom products each have their unique benefits, extracts tend to favor those who have tried other products but are looking for something a bit stronger.

The Extract

A Kratom extract is a solution composed primarily of the plant’s active components, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Depending on the manufacturer, the way these extracts are created will vary. In some cases, the manufacturer will use the tree’s full leaves, while others will use the powder. Compared to other products, all extracts will be more potent, which means you need to take more precautions when using them for your research. However, when used responsibly, it can provide you with various benefits. These benefits are what make it one of the most popular forms of Kratom.

Comparing Extracts With Powders

Many Kratom researchers and those curious about the substance often wonder what the differences are between powders and extracts. As the two substances look almost identical, it can be a bit challenging to discern one from the other fully. The primary difference is that the powder results from the drying and crushing of the mitragyna speciosa leaves, whereas extracts require more intricate processing techniques.

When you look for extracts in the store, make sure that you look for the pouches clearly labeled with a 2x or 2:1 ratio, as this signifies it is an extract. You can also speak to the staff about which products are extracts. In most cases, they will be properly labeled unless you are dealing with a distrustful source.

How It’s Made

There are various ways to create Kratom extracts, but three, in particular, are most common. The first results in a dark powder extract, the second a liquid tincture, and the third is a resin. Each of the extraction methods’ main goal is to pull the active components from the raw plant material.

Tea Extracts

The tea extracts are those that will be a darker powder. They are made by taking Kratom powder and boiling it with water (hence the name) until the solution has reduced to a thick dark paste. This paste has high concentrations of alkaloids as they have been sucked out of the plant material, which is now inactive. This dark paste is then dried and ground into a powder and packaged for sale.

Liquid Extracts

The liquid extracts can be made from either the powder or from the leaves. The leaves or powder are then added into a solvent such as water mixed with ethanol. Ethanol is very effective at removing the various active components. These extracts take a long time to make, but they are sometimes more effective. Usually, the leaves will steep in the ethanol for at least six weeks before it is strained and bottled.

Resin Extracts

Resin extracts are sold as a solid paste-like substance that is composed of a high concentration of alkaloids. Compared to the liquid extracts, this method tends to be quicker; however, it can be challenging as there are several steps. First, water, Kratom powder, and citric acid are combined. This mixture is then frozen before it is melted by boiling water and more citric acid. After it has melted, it is cooked until it has reduced. Once it has reduced into a thicker substance, it is then put into an oven where the remaining water evaporates.

The Strongest

The most potent extract is enhanced extract, which involves making extracts out of the extracts. This process is complicated, and the result is a substance that is almost too strong. The above methods tend to be more common.

The manufacturer determines the method used for extraction. They will either take bulk Kratom leaves that have already been harvested or use powder. If you are working with a trustworthy dealer, you can ensure the extract you buy is of high quality.

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