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Create Kratom Soap At Home

Jemi Fischbach

DIY is a trend that has been developing in recent years. With more people looking to get crafty and make things for themself, there is a growing interest in products that can be purchased raw to incorporate into DIY. DIY skincare and beauty products are all the rage, and with more widely available ingredients now than ever, there is an increase in people wanting to give it a try. Kratom soap is one of these products. This soap is a simple and effective way of enjoying the unique properties of Kratom.


Kratom is a substance that has been around for centuries, but it is only within the past few decades that it is grown in popularity. Kratom comes from the evergreen mitragyna speciosa tree, which grows in the rainforest. The primary areas around the world where it grows are in Southeast Asia, but more farmers are attempting to grow it in other areas. If you are new to Kratom, it is best to find new ways of enjoying it. Using this soap is an excellent introductory method.

While Kratom has been renowned in local communities for its therapeutic benefits, the FDA does not recognize these and has imposed strict regulations regarding its availability. You can purchase it in some states, but you must be researching the product.

Benefits Of Putting Kratom In Your Soap

Adding botanicals and plant extracts into your hygiene products can help elevate their benefits as plants are packed with nutrients. If you are already using soaps made from plants and botanicals, these products will work synergistically with the Kratom, enhancing the benefits.

You may find that you feel your skin is dried out with many soaps afterward, which is because of low-quality synthetic ingredients. Many chemicals that retail brands put in their products tend to be harsh on the skin. When making DIY soap with Kratom you can expect it to be moisturizing and deliver nutrients to the skin. If you have scarring or signs of age, you can use Kratom to combat these as it is high in antioxidants which fight oxidation. By correctly creating your DIY kratom soap you will witness less blemishes and smoother skin.

The Recipe

Like all DIY projects, they can easily be customized to fit your specific needs. If you don’t have all the ingredients, you can easily purchase most of them at a store, and the Kratom must come from a reputable dealer. The recipe outlined below is relatively simple and uses glycerin and olive or coconut oil. There are variations to this recipe, and it usually takes some experimenting to figure out the best recipe.

Step 1: Take 2 pounds of glycerin and melt them in either a double boiler or in a small metal bowl placed in a shallow pool of hot water. Wait until the consistency becomes smooth.

Step 2: Prepare a silicone mold by spraying it with rubbing alcohol. At any baking store, you can purchase silicone molds in a variety of shapes. You can also choose a loaf type of mold which you will cut into bars later on. The alcohol prevents the soap from bubbling during the drying phase.

Step 3: Add into the melted glycerin, while still on the stove, 1 cup of olive, castor, or coconut oil. Make sure you stir carefully so that all the oil is spread evenly throughout.

Step 4: Remove the bowl or pot from the heat and set aside.

Step 5: Add in your essential oils. Choose something you love and only put in a few drops. During this step, also add in 6oz of Kratom, purchased from a premium supplier.

Step 6: Once your active compounds have been combined with the glycerin and oil, you can pour the mixture into your silicone molds. At this point, you can also add dried botanicals of your choice to the top. Some people choose dried rose petals, sage, or lavender. Make sure to spray the top with alcohol to again prevent bubbles from forming.

Step 7: It is now time to cure your soap. Let it sit somewhere where it will not be moved or agitated. It would help if you let it stay here for 24 hours or more. If you used olive oil for your base, it could take longer to harden.

It All Starts With High-Quality Kratom

One of the vital things to remember when making DIY Kratom soap is to ensure your ingredients are high-quality. If you work with a supplier dedicated to providing customers with the best lab-tested Kratom, you can be sure that your DIY soap will be as beneficial as possible.

You can choose from various Kratom products at a reputable dealer, including powder, which is perfect for making DIY soaps. If you have any questions about the products, contact a reputable dealer today.

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