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Companies Should Always Use Good Manufacturing Practices for Kratom

Jemi Fischbach

Kratom is a popular substance that has made its way to the United States in recent years. However, there are not many regulations surrounding kratom. With many substances, the Food & Drug Administration will determine and enforce the standards of purity and quality. However, this is not the case with kratom. Instead, the individual manufacturers and vendors of the product are taking care of their own standards. Naturally, this has the potential to be problematic if those companies do not take their duties seriously.

With the rise in popularity of kratom, it has become more important than ever to create good manufacturing practices for kratom. If there are not any standards in place, it could risk the health and the safety of those who are buying the products from companies that are not taking care during the production, storage, shipping, etc.

How Will Good Manufacturing Practices Help?

These are standards that help to ensure quality and safety for a range of different types of goods. Food, cosmetics, dietary supplements, and beverages are all required to have good manufacturing practices (GMPs) in place. The goal of having these practices in place is to help ensure that products are made hygienically and without contaminants.

Often, this means producing the items in a controlled environment and having full documentation of the procedures. It will often include records of manufacturing for batches, etc., as well as a system for recalling products in the event of contamination. As mentioned, the FDA will often enforce good manufacturing practices, but they still do not have any in place for kratom.

The Problem with No GMPs for Kratom

Not having regulations and GMPs in place does not mean that it is good for the kratom industry despite what some people might think. Instead, it means that the products that are being made do not have any level of control from one manufacturer to another. The lack of standards means that the kratom bought from different vendors, or even from the same manufacturer can vary from batch to batch. This can lead to safety problems.

People who enjoy kratom and the benefits that the powder offers do not want to see it banned in the country. Yet, over the past several years, low-quality manufacturers have caused a range of contamination reports to be filed. The contamination in these reports typically stemmed from the salmonella bacteria. People do not want to buy kratom if there is a risk of developing symptoms like vomiting, fever, and stomach pains.

To help combat the problem, the FDA recalled many kratom products. This makes the entire industry look back, and it could dissuade some people from trying kratom in the first place. They will associate with being risky. These problems could be mitigated by the use of quality GMP standards.

What Happens Next?

Though the FDA has recalled some products from certain manufacturers, they still do not have any standards in place for the kratom field. However, nongovernment bodies have decided to take the steps needed and enact their own GMPs. The American Kratom Association is a perfect example. They have a GMP Certification Program for products and include guidelines for manufacturing, labeling, and verifying those products.

One of the benefits of this system and the practices that it includes is that they are stricter than what the FDA would typically use. This means that those who are following the regulations from the AKA would not have any trouble following FDA requirements if and when they are implemented in the future. This will make the transition easier for those companies than for manufacturers who have not been using good GMPs and who have not been properly documenting their processes.

Why did the AKA take the initiative? The way things were going, kratom manufacturing was a free-for-all. Many companies saw the potential that kratom offered to a US market that wanted the product, but they did not understand how to safely manufacture it. In other cases, they did not care about safety. They only cared about getting the product to the market as soon as they could. This left much to be desired regarding their procedures.

This was giving kratom a bad name because subpar products were being produced and sold to customers. With enough poor quality products on the market, the excitement over kratom would diminish. People would not want to try it for themselves. More and more products would end up being recalled, and kratom would fade like other products that disappear after a few years.

The AKA did not want this to happen, so they created a set of guidelines that would help to provide pure, quality kratom for customers. They believe that the practices can help those who are in the field to better self-regulate and that it would help to keep the popularity of kratom high. While there are still some companies that do not regulate themselves properly, more and more are starting to adopt strong GMPs.

Buying Quality Kratom

Unfortunately, there is still not any guidance from the FDA for the kratom industry. This means that customers who are buying the powder or capsules have to do their own research to ensure they are getting a safe product.

Choosing products from a reliable company is essential, so users will want to be sure they learn more about the company offering the kratom. Learn how they manufacture the kratom and make sure that it is tested in the lab to ensure purity and safety. This helps to vastly reduce the risk of salmonella bacteria or other contaminants from getting into the product. Additionally, it is a good idea to look at some of the reviews the company has on its site. It can provide a better picture of how the company treats customers.

We have quality products, ensure our kratom is safe, and have a wide variety from which customers can choose. We strive to provide quality products and customer service, and we take good manufacturing practices seriously.

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