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Buying Kratom in Bulk: A Look at the Pros and Cons

Jemi Fischbach

Having decided that you enjoy kratom, you’d like to have more of it. A lot more. Well, luckily for you, kratom is available in bulk. But before you go out and order a truckload of powdered kratom or capsules, there are some things you need to consider. Like anything, there are pros and cons to buying in bulk. But before we get into the good and the bad, let’s take a look at why someone would want to buy in bulk in the first place. Once you’re convinced that buying in bulk is, indeed, the way to go, head over to our shop to see the variety of products we offer in bulk amounts.


Why buy in bulk?

Bulk buying has become normal for many people, not only kratom users. Just look at the popularity of Costco, where virtually everything comes in large amounts. There must be a reason, right?

Better prices

The reason, as you likely know, is lower prices. Whether it’s toilet paper, peanut butter, or kratom powder, the unit price of an item tends to get lower as the amount gets higher. To illustrate this, we’ll use our Bali Kratom product and pricing as an example. You can buy a single ounce for $9.99 or 16 ounces for $124.99.

Yes, you’re spending more money upfront, but for anyone who intends to make kratom a regular part of their life, this initial expense can translate to savings down the road. It’s all in the math.

The 16-ounce package works out to $7.81 an ounce. Granted, that’s not a whole lot cheaper than $9.99 an ounce at first glance. But consider the price of buying one ounce 16 times. That’s $159.84. By purchasing the one-pound package, you’ve just saved yourself $34.85. Not to mention the time saved by going to the post office or store once instead of 16 different times.

Over a year, the savings really start to add up. Let’s say you go through a pound of kratom powder each month for a year. Buying it by the single ounce each time would cost, over the course of a year, $418.20 more than buying your kratom in one-pound packages. Simply by changing your buying habits, and spending more at first, you can save yourself more than $400 each year. And who doesn’t want to spend less money when they don’t have to? It may seem counterintuitive, but you really do save more by buying more.

Despite the savings, a pound of kratom might be too much for you. Not to worry, as we sell our kratom powder in a variety of sizes, including 1, 2, 4, 8, and 16-ounce packages. At the 4-ounce size, you will still see savings over the single-ounce price.

It’s good for the environment

How can buying large amounts of something be good for the environment? The way the kratom is made doesn’t change, but the way it is packaged and shipped certainly changes. And it is in the packaging and shipping that we find benefits for the planet. One 16-ounce package uses less material than 16 individual packages. And it takes your favorite delivery company fewer resources to bring you one large package than it does to make 16 deliveries of smaller packages. Even if it’s only four deliveries a month, instead of 16, there are still benefits.

To illustrate this, let’s look at two ways of ordering the same amount of kratom powder. You and your roommate both go through about a pound of kratom powder each month, based on using four ounces each week. At the beginning of the month, you order a pound of kratom powder, being the wiser, more educated of the roommates. Your less-informed roomie also places an order at the beginning of the month, but for four ounces, not a pound. The next week, they order another 4 ounces.

Nevermind that your roommate has, by the end of the month, paid more than you for the same amount of kratom. They have also used more shipping materials – four times as many boxes, to be precise, along with the extra tape and shipping labels needed for those boxes. And the delivery driver has had to use more gas making all those separate deliveries, too.

All that extra fuel burned has made more greenhouse gases and pollution, and more trees had to be chopped down to make those extra boxes. Not buying in bulk is not good for the environment. For anyone looking to be earth-friendly, buying in bulk makes a lot of sense.


Bulk buying negatives

We’ve seen that buying in bulk can save you money while reducing your environmental impact. These are absolutely good things. But are there any drawbacks to buying in bulk? The answer is less of a yes or no choice and more of an “it depends” sort.

If you live in a house with plenty of storage space, finding somewhere to put your bulk purchase shouldn’t be much trouble. However, if your living space is on the smaller side, or you’ve completely maxed out your storage space, then finding somewhere to store bulk products can be a problem.

This is especially true of bathroom paper products, but when it comes to kratom, buying in bulk won’t take up much space. You should have no trouble finding a home for your one-pound container in a drawer or cabinet.

This isn’t a negative so much as a cautionary note: know what you like when buying in bulk. This is not the time to try a new type of kratom, since you may not like what you bought. Aside from the wasted money, you’ll also have to suffer through weeks of not likely the new kratom powder you bought. This can, of course, be easily avoided by sticking with kratom products you’ve already tried and know you like when buying bulk amounts.

When buying kratom in bulk, the drawbacks are easily addressed, and the cost savings can go a long way to offset the potential negative of having to store your kratom container on the countertop. When you’re ready to start buying larger amounts, be sure to check out our selection of bulk kratom products.

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