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All About Indo Kratom

Jemi Fischbach

There always tends to be a “gold standard” for all healthcare products that fans will measure up against all other products they see for sale. For Kratom, the same thing applies. Indo Kratom tends to be one of the “gold standards” amongst Kratom enthusiasts around the world. Almost all retailers will sell this strain, but if you are unsure if it will be right for you, you should try and find out as much information as possible about the varieties and their origins.

Indonesian Roots

Amidst the Pacific and Indian oceans lies Indonesia, made up of thousands of islands. The country is one of the largest ranked number 7 by land and sea area. It is also one of the most populous. Indonesia currently has the 4th highest population of all countries. As there are so many people, many cultures and traditions have bloomed in this area. One of the most sacred resources for all of these cultures and communities is the rainforest. Vast, biodiverse jungles are everywhere in this region. In these moist and wet forests, medicinal herbs grow, pillars in the healthcare practices of various communities.

Kratom is one of these plants. Its maturity is possible because of the unique soil structure that contains acidic components and many minerals due to being so close to the sea and volcanic formations. These elements infuse the soil and the Kratom plant with unique active compounds known as alkaloids, giving Kratom powder unique healthcare effects. Depending on growing location, the makeup and concentration of these alkaloids can change, thus altering the effects.

When it comes to harvesting the Kratom leaves grown in Indonesia for Indo Kratom, traditional methods are used. The farmers will assess the various trees and only select some leaves for harvesting while allowing others to continue to grow. The ones that are picked are then dried. After drying, they are ground into a powder. The powder can then be made into Indo capsules or Indo extracts.

The Meaning of “Indo Kratom”

If there’s one thing that surrounds the Kratom industry, its confusion. As there are so many different strains, all with unique names, people often become overwhelmed with the number of choices and don’t fully understand what each label means. The various strains will almost always be named after the region where they are harvested and/or the leaf veins’ color. As the leaf veins change color throughout maturation in all regions, it can be challenging to discern one from another.

Searching for Indo Kratom will result in you seeing many products for sale with a color precursor, like Red Indo or White Indo. These colors speak to the nature of the leaf when it was harvested and do not have anything to do with the color of the actual powder that you will be purchasing. Some people also think that the color refers to the entire leaf, but this is not true. It is the small veins on the leaf and the stem that change color. They begin as white when they are young, and turn into green, and finally end up as a dark red color. Throughout this time, the chemical makeup within the plant will also be fluctuating.

In addition to the geographic location and the color, you will see a form added. For example, you will see Red Indo Kratom Powder or Red Indo Kratom Capsules. These just signify what you are buying and do not mean that you are getting a less pure product.

The Five Most Popular Indo Kratom Strains

White Vein Premium Indo Kratom: This Indo Kratom strain has a higher concentration of the alkaloid mitragynine.

Red Vein Premium Indo Kratom: Leaves with red veins tend to have more 7-hydroxymitragynine and can provide a more uplifting and stimulating effect to the researcher.

Green Vein Premium Indo Kratom: If you are looking for a blend of white and red, opt for green. It tends to be a balanced strain with generally equal amounts of each alkaloid.

Ultra Indo Kratom: Ultra often refers to Kratom that has been turned into an extract. The best leaves are used to create Ultra Indo, and as it is more concentrated, only small amounts are needed.

You will find each of the above strains available in various forms, with the most common being powders and capsules. The capsules are pre-measured doses that can provide you with convenience, whereas the powder offers versatility.

Know Your Supplier

Depending on your needs, you might want to switch between the capsules and the powders, knowing that they both will be pure. If you want to guarantee consistent and safe products, you should work with a reputable supplier you can trust.

By getting to know said supplier and purchasing products from them, you will help foster that relationship. Taking the time to do this and doing your research means that you will get your hands on the best Indo Kratom available.

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