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A Look At Global Kratom Laws

Jemi Fischbach

For Kratom enthusiasts and researchers who travel, there are risks involved with bringing the substance into some countries. Staying up to date on the laws regarding Kratom is a sure way to minimize your risk when traveling. The last thing you want is to be on vacation and get stuck paying fines or, even worse, jail-time.

Read The Terms

One problem that some travelers run into when looking to bring Kratom to another country is getting mixed up with the different names when combing through the laws. Sometimes Kratom will be called mitragyna speciosa, which is the scientific name for the Kratom tree.

Depending on where you are traveling, the laws or regulations they have written on Kratom may use this name or even the active compound names like mitragynine and hydroxymitragynine. Always keep your eye out for the various terms and brush up on Kratom’s information first before traveling.


Depending on where you are traveling, there may be different regulations for the city, country, or province. While Kratom may be legal in a couple of cities in one country, it may be completely banned in another. Ensuring the information you gather is precise, and based on the exact location you are traveling, guarantees you don’t run into any pesky surprises.

It is also good to look into the traveling restrictions. Even if you are only stopping over in a country for a couple of hours before flying to your final destination, there may be Kratom bans in this country. If you were carrying a product and discovered during this stop-over, you could be treading in murky legal water.

Popular Destinations

Some of the most popular travel destinations and their rules regarding Kratom possessions and use are outlined below. Whenever you are traveling, make sure to check the months, weeks, and days leading up to your voyage. You don’t want to miss an update the day you fly out and be left liable as a result.


While Kratom is legal in the USA for research purposes, it is not legal everywhere. As many people travel domestically for work and leisure, it is essential to brush up on individual states and cities’ regulations and laws beforehand to ensure you aren’t bringing Kratom anywhere it is banned.

As the FDA has taken a firm stance against Kratom, trying to classify it as a Schedule I substance, some states have no tolerance for Kratom and its users.

When traveling within the USA, make sure to never bring Kratom to Arkansas, Alabama, Rhode Island, Indiana, Wisconsin, or Vermont as it is banned in these states. As there are often complicated regulations like in Tennessee, it is best to leave Kratom at home if you are unsure of the rules.


Similar to the United States, Canada’s regulations regarding Kratom are somewhat uncertain. There is no ban on Kratom or classification as a controlled substance, but several cities and provinces have individual bans. In most places, you can purchase Kratom for research, but it is not legally allowed to be sold for consumption.


It would help if you never traveled to Australia with Kratom or seek out Kratom while in the country. There are strict bans on Kratom, and it is classified as a substance on par with heroin. As their stance is extreme, anyone caught in possession could face extensive fines and jail time.


When looking into the Kratom regulations in Israel, you will notice that Kratom is not banned, but mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, the two active compounds, have been banned. Don’t risk bringing your Kratom to Israel, or you will pay a high legal price.


As Europe is home to many countries, you need to spend extra time researching the specific country you are traveling to along with any you are traveling through. For most countries in the EU, the substance is extensively regulated as a controlled substance.

While some countries, like Denmark, would like to see these regulations lifted, many others, including Ireland, Turkey, Russia, Poland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom, have strong bans in place.

South Korea

There are harsh penalties for anyone in possession of or found selling and buying Kratom in South Korea. As it is a heavily policed country, anyone who has Kratom is undoubtedly going to be discovered. It is recommended never to bring Kratom to South Korea.

Burma, Malaysia, & Thailand

In many of the countries where Kratom originates throughout Southeast Asia, several regulations prohibit its use. You can face drug smuggling charges in Burma, Malaysia, and Thailand if you are found in possession of it. While Thailand and Malaysia have minor penalties for lower-level offenses, it is not worth bringing it to these places.

Stay Updated, Stay Informed

Whether you are traveling to another state to see family or across seas for work, you must always check up on the Kratom regulations for your destinations. As the laws are ever-changing with the emergence of new information and Kratom research, staying up to date is the only sure way to guarantee that you won’t get into trouble when traveling with Kratom on board.

You don’t want to derail your vacation and end up facing massive fines or prison because you forgot to do your research. You can save yourself the hassle if you keep informed, especially in the days leading up to your journey.

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