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5 Of The Most Popular Green Kratom Strains

Jemi Fischbach

Figuring out which Kratom strain is right for you will take time and the right guidance. When you purchase Kratom from a reputable dealer who is sourcing their products directly from Southeast Asia, you can count that the product will be lab-tested and contaminant-free.

When it comes to Green Kratom strains, these tend to be among the most popular among people who use Kratom regularly. It is made from the leaves with green veins and processed carefully to ensure high quality from seed to shelf. As there are so many types of Green Kratom and many different uses for each, you will want to know which ones are the most popular to make a more informed decision.

The Mitragyna Speciosa Tree

The tree from which all green Kratom is derived is the mitragyna speciosa tree. This tree is native to Southeast Asian jungles, as it loves the moisture and heat. As it is close to active volcanoes, the soil in Southeast Asia is infused with minerals making it acidic. These characteristics make this region of the globe an ideal location for growing the mitragyna speciosa tree.

For hundreds of years, indigenous communities in these areas have been using the Kratom tree as a pillar of their medicinal practices. Over time, the popularity has grown, and many large cities worldwide have people using the products. The farms where Kratom is grown in Southeast Asia are sustainable cash crops planted in small-scale backyards or grown widely amongst the other vegetation. Unlike some of the other industries that operate in the area, like palm oil and timber, Kratom offers up a model for economic and environmental agriculture.

Ethically Sustainable Agriculture

When it comes to harvesting crops for profits, many industries worldwide sacrifice the health and wellness of communities and the environment. Deforestation has been rampant in recent years, wiping out entire wildlife species and rural populations. Many of these communities are left impoverished by these profiteering giants, and often they do not survive.

As these businesses are now being heavily scrutinized by activists and environmental organizations around the world, there are many looking for a different way forward, a way that doesn’t require destruction.

Kratom farms are an excellent example of a cash-crop that can be economically stable while still preserving the surrounding natural environment. Rather than harvesting the entire tree at one time, it is harvested intermittently, with a majority of the plant’s structure left to continue growing.

When you peruse an online Kratom store, you may notice several different strain colors, including red, green, and white. These refer to the vein color on the leaf at the time of harvest. White veined leaves are harvested first, whereas red-veined leaves are harvested last, making them the most mature. Green-veined leaves, on the other hand, are harvested at a time in between red and white.

Throughout the maturation cycle, while the vein colors change, the active compounds’ mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine concentrations fluctuate. The white-veined leaves tend to have higher mitragynine concentrations, and as they mature, the red vein leaves have more 7-hydroxymitragynine. For the green-veined leaves, the concentrations of these compounds tend to be balanced. This balance is one reason why Green Kratom strains are so popular.

The 5 Green Kratom Strains That Stand-Out

These are the five green Kratom strains that stand out amongst the rest. Depending on where the Kratom is grown, the experience can vary. Check out more below.

Bali Green Kratom

Bali Green Kratom comes from the Indonesian province of Bali. It tends to offer a perfect blend of the white and Red Bali Kratom strains’ properties. Many find this strain to be relaxing and milder than others.

Malay Green Kratom

Green Kratom Powder from Malaysia is becoming more popular in recent years. Many consider it to be one of the finest strains making it a top seller at several outlets. It also provides a relaxing aroma similar to Bali Green.

Indo Green Kratom

While this stain also comes from Indonesia like Bali Green, it tends to have a higher concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine but not so much like a red strain. If you want to ease into the red strains, this is the best option for you.

Thai Green Kratom

For most people, Kratom grown in Thailand is the only product they will buy. For years, Thailand has produced some of the most favored strains as the farming operations have been in production for many years, established long ago. Thai Green Kratom is a great starting point if you want to explore some of the Thai strains.

Maeng Da Green Kratom

Also grown in Thailand, Maeng Da tends to offer more potent effects than standard Thai Green Kratom. It has the maximum amount of active compounds, making it contain an exceptionally strong aroma. It would help if you only used this strain after working through some of the milder options.

By purchasing from a supplier working with their farmers in Southeast Asia and making an effort to keep the communities alive, you can get high-quality products and contribute to sustainable farming practices.

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